Who am I & Where did I come from?

*queues the music*

..I'm just a small town girl...
                  ... living in a lonely world...

 Just kidding!

Hey Y'all, I'm Lindsey & this is my big girl diary..

With the zillions of blogs out there, I should have a significant reason for mine, right?

I'll let you be the judge of that.. Truth be told, I am no great writer (Lord knows my grammar is offensive), I don't have a flashy life, & I surely don't spew forth pinterest-worthy wisdom on a regular basis.


I think that sometimes it's nice to relate to someone, to feel inspired & to be encouraged. From that thought, this blog was born. I'm here to share my heart and hope to make a small difference in the day of whoever decides to visit me here.

Now for my real introduction::

I am a 24 year old Air Force brat, pastor's kid, Navy wife, fur baby momma, fitness coach, Jesus loving, southern spiced, east coast living, hard working visionary. I had quite the blessed up-bringing and was raised by two God-fearing parents {still married} with 3 sisters.. Just imagine all that estrogen. Sorry Dad!

I was a volleyball player for about 6 years dreaming of playing in college, homeschooled a few of those (oh yes, you read that right), dual-enrolled in high school/college starting at age 16 and married to my husband Nate at 19.. I had my own plans growing up for my future, but clearly God had His own special plan for me which is WAY better!

I'm here to live a life that honors Him by being the BEST version of myself  & making a difference in the world by sharing my heart with others. In the midst of this BIG ole purpose, I'm finding joy in the big and small moments of daily life-- that's what you'll find here!

I hope you'll stop by & check in on me every now and again.. Thanks for visiting!


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