Shakeology: The Ghoens' Life Blood & Secret Weapon

Have you heard of Shakeology before?
Until September 2014, I was in the dark about this AWESOME nutritional tool.

With there being SO many options on the market these days, I think it's important for you to know WHY I love it and WHY it's the best choice for YOU and your family!

1) GREAT value!

What you give up to "afford" shakeology usually ends up paying you back in the long run for everything that's being blended up in this magical scoop!

For about $4 per day, you are getting 70+ nutritious ingredients in ONE serving.. an ENTIRE day of fruits/veggies.. protein.. fiber.. vitamins and minerals.. digestive enzymes.. pre/pro biotic.. the list goes ON.

You could potentially make one substitution per day that would pay for this healthier option and be hands DOWN the better choice for you! Aren't you worth it? :)

2) Gosh darn Convenience!

Okay, so here is the oh so tedious process of making the shake:

scoop mix, drop cubes, pour liquid, add & BLEND!

I have my favorite recipe down to a SCIENCE that takes me two minutes or less to make for my breakfast or lunch.. AND it tastes like a Reeses cup.

1 scoop chocolate shakeology
8 ice cubes
12+ ounces of unsweetened, original almond milk
1 tbsp. peanut butter OR PB2

3) "Shakeology is the only meal-replacement shake that has

been clinically proven to help you lose weight, lower

cholesterol and lower blood sugar"

My Testimony:

By drinking Shakeology once a day for the past 8 months,

 I make better dietary choices
am sick less often- boosted immune system
have increased natural energy
fast growing hair and nails
clearer skin
digest more easily
curb my cravings
...and more!

4) Maximizes physical results when paired with exercise
(especially beachbody programs!)

These are my REAL-life results from working out 5 days a week {from home} combined with ONCE daily Shakeology! .. for 28 DAYS, I might add :)


Regular, whey-protein, blend
Vegan, plant-protein, blend

you mean there's a gluten, soy, dairy, sugar free option? YEP!

There's some of this goodness for everyone!

6) non-GMO & all-natural

This speaks for itself.. yep! All natural, whole foods & mostly organic ingredients, baby!

6) Money-back guarantee

Beachbody is so incredibly confident in this product that you can order a month of shakeology and drink the WHOLE 30 days before you decide if you want to "stay invested."

If you aren't happy with your experience or how amazing you are starting to feel, get your money back! Seriously guys, I've never had this happen.


Shakeology has been a game changer for both mine and Nate's bodies, routines and diets!

Let me tell you about what Shakelogy is to ME.

To find out if shakeology could enhance your life and body, email me at or visit my page to parooze!


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