Not Going Anywhere

Yesterday was a pretty big in my business.. achieving a goal that has been two years in the making. You can check out the Facebook post HERE if you want. But as much as I appreciate the recognition for the hard work that went into getting there, here's what I want & NEED y'all to know.

Success.. Legend.. Leader.. Diamond..whatever the term is that you might hear accredited to me at times, they all are all symbolic of my intention.. longevity. 

I'm not going anywhere, you guys.
And I hope, by now, you know that <3 span="">

It's been over two years since I started my own true wellness journey.. it hasn't been perfect, but I'm STILL showing up.
I'm not going anywhere.

It's been over two years since I started helping challengers on THEIR own wellness journey. It's not always easy to inspire or motivate others to change, but it's WORTH it & our country NEEDS what I offer more than ever.
I'm not going anywhere.

It's been over two years since I started my own business & began growing my own team. It's SURELY is not easy to inspire others to make a sacrifice daily with the knowledge that it will pay off later for them if they stick it out, but I BELIEVE in the opportunity I'm offering. I'm beyond proud of the company I'm partnered with. And I desire SO greatly for families to experience more freedom that I don't give up.
I'm not going ANYWHERE.

I will ALWAYS be on a road to self improvement.
People will ALWAYS need support with fitness + nutrition.
Our country's obesity rate is going UP not down.
Students, couples & families will ALWAYS have dreams of more time together, jobs they love, more flexibility with work, financial freedom, etc.

And that's why I can't & won't quit.

What I want y'all to know is.. I'm here. For me, for you, for my team & for the men & women I haven't even connected with yet who have a need I can help meet.

I'm sticking around for the long haul <3 span="">

You know where to find me!

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