Shakeology when Pregnant

Sipping on my chocolate smoothie today & decided it was time for a pow-wow..

>> Shakeo when preggo <<

Can you? Can't you? Do I? Why?

πŸ–πŸ»Yep, I drank shakeology when we were trying to conceive.
πŸ–πŸ»Yep, I drink it daily while pregnant.
πŸ–πŸ»Yep, I'll be drinking it while breast feeding.
πŸ–πŸ» And heck YEAH.. I'll be giving it to our cub when the time comes.

I've had lots and lots of women ask me over the past two+ years if it's okay to consume the ingredients of shakeology while pregnant & while you're breastfeeding.

Of course I've had my opinion that I'd share with my own friends & family, but now I can share from my own personal experience.

Let me ask you this..

Is it o k a y for a pregnant women, breast feeding women or ANY women really to consume doughnuts, pizza, ice cream, tacos, greasy fast food, caffeine, etc??😜

Furthermore, would you believe that these foods are acceptable.. & even ENCOURAGED at times for women during this 10 month gig of pregnancy..

..ever hear or even said any of these before?
(I'm pretty sure I did back in the day #guilty)

"girl, you deserve it."
"indulge while you can"
"your bump will hide it"
"give into the cravings, it's normal"
"work it off later"
.. the list goes on.

BUT, you know what isn't widely accepted & is questioned skeptically? πŸ‘‡πŸ»

The consumption of an ALL natural, non-GMO, organic, whole food (no powders or extracts), superfood shake packed with 70+ vitamins and minerals that supports energy levels, aids in digestion & even helps fight those junk food cravings.

Not to mention.. this shake tastes like dessert, but can SAFELY be substituted for a once-daily meal.. oh & doubles as a prenatal vitamin!!


Y'all, I don't need to explain how backwards this is.. I think writing it down & reading it out loud makes it pretty clear. All I want is to encourage, educate, put to rest misconceptions & promote healthier living.. pregnant or not.

I truly do say.. well type.. all of this in love, friends. I promise 
I want nothing more than for all of us to be our healthiest, happiest selves & to grow even healthier little babies!

But I gotta leave you with this challenge + disclaimer:

Always always always

(1) do your own research so that you are confident in & empowered by your decisions

(2) chat with your OBGYN about your prenatal decisions first - be sure to present them with a detailed ingredient list. Remember, your providers are liable for your care - unless you present them with detailed information, they will more than likely give you routine & quick answers! We've gotta do our due diligence & be own our advocates.

For those curious, my doctor (well, I've actually seen THREE over the course of this journey) is PRO-Shakeoloy & simply requested that I add in extra folic acid + DHA each day. He recognized the benefits of shakeology after reading over the ingredient list. I answered a few questions & we're on the same page! #itsgoodstuff

I know this is a long post, but it's actually just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits of this superfood blend.πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

This shake has completely changed my health, y'all.
It has🌱

Reduced sugar cravings 
Increased energy 
Increased metabolism 
Lowered Blood Pressure
Lowered Cholesterol
Decreased migraines (previously chronic, might I add)
Been a catalyst for better digestion & regular bowel movements
Cleared up my skin
Dramatically increased the growth of my hair & nails
I hope you're wondering what the heck is in it..

But let me tell you really quickly what's NOT on the ingredient list:

(things you'll find in lots of other shakes on the market these days)

No Caffeine
Zero Artificial Sweeteners
Nada Artificial Flavors
Absolutely NO Refined Sugars
Zilch Gluten
No Soy
& Dairy FREE if you opt for the vegan blend

Shakeology has 75 + ingredients from all over the world. To make your own equivalent, you'd have to spend HUNDREDS to gather all of the necessary ingredients!

In each scoop of this goodness you get:

A proprietary Super Protein Blend
Whey, Sachi Inchi, Chia, Flax, Quinoa, Amranth, Brown Rice, Pea

A proprietary Super Fruit/Antioxidant Blend
Cam-Camu, Acai, Acerola Cherry, Bilberry, Goji Berry, Grape Seed, Green Tea, Luo Han Guo, Pomegranate, Rose Hips

A proprietary Adaptogen Blend
Ashwagandha, AStragalus, Cordyceps, Ginko, Maca, Maitake, Reishi, Schisandra, Tulsi (Holy Basil)

A proprietary Pre and Probiotic/Digestive Enzyme Blend
Yacon Root, Lactobacillus Sporogenes, Amylase, Cellulase, Lactase, Lipase, Protease, Bromelain, Papain

It is pretty much my prenatal, multivitamin, digestive enzyme, probiotic, & more

Convinced yet?
Told ya this stuff is amazing!

Want to ask questions or chat more about superfood shakeology?
Email me at


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