I am a Coach

When people hear I'm a health & fitness coach, they usually have a few misconceptions..

✘ I am not a personal trainer or fitness expert
✘ I'm no social media guru.. I had NO experience before coaching
✘ I don't eat healthy ALL the time
✘ I wasn't at my "goal weight/body" when I started out
✘ I never get my makeup done like this.. I actually rarely work in pants 

What life really looks like for me is more like..

➜ I work from my phone or computer from home or on the go
➜ My uniform includes dirty hair & yoga pants or PJs
➜ I have to find the motivation some days to workout
➜ I live more along the lines of 80/20 when it comes to nutrition
➜ I've worked this business around my life & schedule.. around another job, my husband's deployments, living in a hotel, moving, etc.
➜ I am a part of a community of women who are just trying their best to be healthier & live more fulfilling lives.

So if you ever think "I couldn't do what Lindsey does..."
Think again, girl.

Because I am..
Failing Forward
Always Improving
And Purposed

& I'm a Beachbody coach

If I can.. you can too <3 span="">

*Gracefully Balanced is accepting applications for new coach mentorship. Click here to complete your application to learn more about joining our GB team*

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