March Challenge #EatSweatShakeRepeat

New mommas needing to find their mojo again..

Expectant gals wanting to maintain routine during pregnancy..
Busy students who need a customized plan to fit their schedule..
Working gals craving a simple, effective lifestyle..

This is for YOU!

What if I told you that getting results was truly as simple as..
eat. sweat. shake. repeat.

Well, it is.

You don't have to kill yourself in the gym 2 hours a day.
You don't have to count calories or macros.
You don't have to only shop at $$ health food stores.
You don't have to completely give up that wine or chocolate.
You don't have to join a fancy cross fit box or training program.


You JUST need to have a SIMPLE plan that you can stick with consistently that teaches you to eat to fuel & train to strengthen. OH, and you need someone willing to walk you through it & a few girlfriends to encourage you along the way..

That's where:
- I, as your coach
- My challenge groups, as your community
- & Beachbody programs, as your tools
come into play!

I passionately share about this trio because they have not only worked for ME in the past, but for <> other women I've coached over the past 2 years.

JUST during the past two days, I've heard two testimonials from BUSY gals in my recent challenge group (these two are moms, students, teachers, volunteers, full time working gals.. SERIOUSLY all of that) who have been so proud of the results they've achieved from HOME workouts + community support + dense, simple nutrition.

So while we may have just kicked things off in February, it's NEVER too late to join us &&&& I'm already making plans for March!!

If you knew that an investment that costs less than two of your target hauls could provide you with one of those four solutions I mentioned at the top of the post, would it be worth it??

Would it be worth the new found confidence?
The control you feel over your schedule?
The satisfaction you'd fall asleep with on a daily basis?
The positive influence you might provide for your loved ones?
The support you could gain from new, healthy relationships?
The health benefits from getting BACK to the basics??

I'll answer for you.. YES.
There's a price tag for everything in life.
And joining my group will require an investment.
But what you gain potentially from joining us..
Girl, it's priceless!

So here's the deal > email to apply > I'm accepting 6 new "challengers" for March > We're using a simple fitness app to track > And the deadline to hop in with us is 2/27.

Got it?? 

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