Shakeology is TOO Expensive: What I Drink & Why

I get questions & comments often about the "expensive" shake I drink..

 Because you can find a clean protein blend cheaper at Target..

 Or because you aren't much of a "shake person" & would rather just eat your fruits & veggies

 Or possibly because you have no clue how much money you're actually wasting on junk, snacks, quicks eats or drinks..
Here's my SHORT answer to a very long list of questions, drawbacks & misconceptions.

👉🏻Do you actually know what's in my cup??

My guess is no if you're still hung up or wondering..

Despite popular belief, Shakeology is NOT ðŸ™…🏻 a protein shake.
{It's a W H O L E health shake}

Here is the long reason why I have been choosing Shakeology now for 30 months.. 
{& have especially continued while on a BUDGET & during pregnancy}

Buckle up, because it's going to take a couple minutes to read.

There's a quality assurance team that travels ALL over the world to source superfoods ingredients and herbs for the highest quality 

• I hate taking vitamins but I used to force a few down. I NOW get 23 vitamins and minerals in a glass.. oh & this basically is my prenatal 

Most of us are nutrient deficient. The ingredients in this shake helps fill the gaps in our micros and macros 

• I am guilty of allowing & carrying stress (just ask Nate).. & the adaptogens from the ingredients in Shakeology such as Maca root and Ashawagandha, help me adapt + deal with stress 

I don't buy pre or probiotics because Shakeology includes all of it plusssss digestive enzymes in each glass.. now I have heathy, regular  #sorrynotsorry

• There's minimal natural sugar in it.. but that's a GOOD thing. Theres no junky, artificial sweeteners lurking in my shake & spoiling the integrity of everything else 

I have a living, breathing sweet tooth, so getting this daily fix helps curve my cravings 

• I am busy.. aren't we all?? So this is my QUICK go-to fast food for breakfast or lunch. And when the hubby is gone, sometimes it's dinner! 

It tastes friggin good. (And if that hasn't been your experience.. girl, let's try again!!) I can mix it a ton of different ways, but my "Reese's Cup" combo is an all time fave 

• The superfood quality I am getting is unmatched from the vitamins to the way it is processed down to its powdered form.. nerdy info: because of the process these foods go through, they're STILL considered raw//whole ðŸ¤“

These shakes have helped my body from the inside-out.. I don't buy fancy products or supplements because my hair+nails are STRONG & grow much faster now 

• Shakeology repairs my muscles after hard workouts.. so I can keep on with my program without adding extra rest days 

Buying all these vitamins & nutrients on my own would be about $1200+ a month. Not to mention I would have to source them all. And Dave Ramsey approves that message


• I am serious about my health now.. & this products is serious about taking care of me. I chose to pay the farmer instead of the doctor. I haven't been SICK sick in 2 years. No sick days/ No co-pays/ No Rx costs.. YOU weigh the worth of your health & time 

I have literally seen it change lives. Helped my friend loose weight to change their overall health.. helping some of my customers lower their cholesterol/blood pressure numbers 


SO.. I spend $3.85 ish a day as a coach for all of that. And it's been worth it three times over!

When first started out, I didn't know if I could afford it. But when I cut out those $4.50 Starbucks drinks, excessively purchase bottles of wine, "cheap" chick fil a meals for $7 each & my daily dessert fixes.. BOY was I shocked. 

I KNOW I don't share enough about this shake & how it's been a game changer in my life (not to mention how it helped fuel Nate on deployments where he was malnourished). So I'm going to change that & make more of an effort!

If you have questions about Shakeology or want to start working on your health and fitness goals, don't hesitate to reach out. Id love to get to know you more & see if I can help!

Shoot me an at 

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