Spring FORWARD Challenge: April & May Enrollment

🐰 Overindulge a bit on chocolate bunnies and need a cleanse?
🍴 Totally lost on the concept of meal planning & healthy eating as a lifestyle change?
πŸ’ƒπŸ» Need a workout plan that you can enjoy & wont take up an hour or more of your day?
Or maybe all of the above? 
Well, because helping out your fellow girlfriends & taking care of yourself doesn't stop when getting pretty darn preggo.. I'm starting TWO new accountability groups over the next few weeks so you have something to plug into!

It doesn't matter where you live πŸ™…πŸ»
What your current fitness level is πŸ™…πŸ»
Whether you have fancy equipment at home πŸ™…πŸ»
Or if your goals are the same as mine 

This group is for <> & I'm going to help customize a plan for every participant who signs up to join us in April + May.

Enrollment in this Spring Forward Challenge gets you all kind of good stuff:

• 12 months of digital access to workouts that we can customize a schedule for
• Meal plans
• A 30 day supply of my favorite superfood blend to substitute a meal of your choice & help your body kick any cravings
• Enrollment into my 21 day virtual challenges 
• A set of portion controlled food containers that remove the need to count calories or macros
• A sweet shaker cup
• The support from a community who GETS what you're working brought 
• Access into a streamlined tracking app to log your daily activity + weekly progress
• And me.. your coach 

It's really as great as I'm describing it.. no catch, just your full commitment to working HARD is required.
How much is this to get rolling?
You'll be shocked to find out.

Although.. wouldn't it be worth some mega bucks to tackle all of your goals & feel like a bad mamma jamma?
Well you can have both. Results & a bargain.

Shoot me an email to lindseykollar@yahoo.com OR a Facebook message so we can chat about your goals + get your application done + discuss how to snag your spot!
Let's SPRING forward together!


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