Get Her Back CHALLENGE: Summer Accountability Group

👉🏻Are you ITCHING to get your groove back or feel like your old self again because the hustle of life has literally taken over & you've lost the gal you were before?
👉🏻Or you KNOW you've got a groove within ya, but you just can't seem to find it!
Guess what? You're NOT alone!!
I haven't felt like myself in about a year now.. 

I'm ready to help YOU ladies, while I get ready to help myself too.
It's time to GET HER BACK!💃🏻
So here's the deal...
I'm offering a women only accountability group that is going to be open to you ALL summer. For real. I'm here for you all summer. We'll work in 21 day waves with breaks in between to regroup!☀️
Our goal is to create a LIFESTYLE that will work for you despite the craziness of life & even the hoops of our summer schedules.
✖️ I'm letting YOU decide (with my help of course) what program is best for your lifestyle & goals. SURPRISE - you can literally choose between any & all 500 of them + stream yours no matter where you're at!
✖️ You'll be give a simple, customizable nutrition guide AND I'll give you sample meal plans that are pre-made to follow
✖️ We'll be drinking a daily superfood shake that will blow your mind because of the value, taste & convenience.
✖️ You'll be part of a private accountability group that will help you feel SUPPORTED, challenged & encouraged
✖️ We'll use a digital tracking APP where you can log your daily activity & weekly progress. It's SIMPLE & perfect for all of us busy girls.
And the icing on this healthy cake? It's affordable, sustainable & you're even going to enjoy yourself!🍰
I'm looking for T E N women who are READY to make changes, go ALL in & get their GROOVE back.
So if this is YOU.. send an email to to learn more!
PS >> joining with a girlfriend or family member is totally welcome!
We launch June 5th, but enrollment must be completed by the 29th!! DON'T miss out!!!

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