JUNE 3 Day Refresh Invitation

How does a 3 Day, Plant-Based C L E A N S E after Memorial Day Weekend sound to you?

Does it sound like perfect timing?
Like you could use a clean slate?
Like your body needs a reboot?

Like your physical progress has stalled?

This refresh is just what you're looking for. I've done it 4 times myself (Nate's even done it before!) & each time I complete it, I feel rejuvenated -- like I just gave my body the boost it really deserved.

So I'm hosting a group for 10 people to complete this TOGETHER!

 No crazy juice cleanse that will destroy your organs or starve your body.
 Plant based meals >> YES, you get to EAT.  🍆🍅🍓🍋🍑
 VERY gentle fiber sweep that isn't going to make you run to the bathroom. 
 Moderate exercise is okay too. 

Want to know more & snag your spot?

Shoot me an email to lindseykollar@yahoo.com with the subject "REFRESH info"!

We REFRESH June 2-4. Orders must be placed soon, so reach out ASAP!

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