Our Wellness Journey

22 Minutes Hard Corps
(Plus daily Shakeology)
*Official Test Group Member*

22 Minute Hard Corps has become one of my all time favorite programs. After staying on track & experiencing great results that I shared with my following the past 18 months, Beachbody contacted me & asked if I'd like to take part in a test group for a new program. Being a part of this type of group is a once in a lifetime opportunity, so I JUMPED at the offer. I completed this 8 week program, while drinking Shakeology and following a specific meal plan. At the end of 22 Minute Hard Corps, I lost 4.8 pounds + 8.5 inches! This program is ideal for busy people who are short on time, but still want to achieve great results using both cardio & weights!

3 Day Refresh Results: ROUND TWO
(plant-based cleanse)

Gollie GEE...  I really pulled a number on my body when we moved this year (2015). We sold our house, lived in hotel for 5 weeks, moved 15 hours away , lived with my parents for 14 days then FINALLY moved into our home.. Needless to say, we made some poor decisions that I FELT internally and saw externally.
This is where the 3 Day Refresh comes in so handy! 3 days of plant-based shakes, gentle fiber sweeps and small all produce meals later.. I'm rejuvenated, lighter on my feet and my insides are HAPPY again. Whether you're preparing for a certain event and want to lose bloat/water weight or need to recover from bad habits, the refresh is an AWESOME tool to have in your back pocket that won't leave you feeling starving or sorry!

Insanity Max 30
(Plus daily Shakeology)

My 8 week journey through Insanity MAX30 was hands-down the hardest program I've completed during my wellness journey. The day I took down my results & snapped my photos was AMAZING. I was able to look at my progress on paper, but also in photos & realized that I FINALLY made major progress in areas of my body I couldn't seem to REALLY get where I wanted them before - my core//legs.

These workouts not only pushed my body to the limits, but my mind too. I learned & conditioned myself to push past that place where you're totally convinced there's no other option but to give up & face plant. 

3 Day Refresh Results
(plant-based cleanse)

The 3 Day Refresh was my first EVER cleanse! I was anxious to see how my body would response and if I would be starving the whole time. This cleanse is PERFECT though for rookies or veterans because it's only 3 days long, an easily digestible plant- based program, & even allows real produce a couple times a day! There is even an easy to follow guide for the entire program.

My body and insides were seriously thanking me for this cleanse at the end of the weekend.. it was JUST the boost my metabolism and digestive system needed after the holidays!

21 Day Fix {extreme} Transformation
(Plus daily Shakeology)

It's hard to believe that in just 21 days that your body can SEE and feel a major difference. You'd think to achieve results in just 3 weeks that you'd have to starve your body or kill yourself at the gym..
These photos are from my very first journey through the 21 Day Fix Extreme program. 21 Days of SIMPLE, portion controlled meal planning, daily Shakeology and 30 minute workouts. I was never starving and while my body felt challenged each day, the workouts were entirely doable!
The 21 Day Fix extreme workouts are now my daily exercise of choice. I LOVE the cardio combined with weights and how it leans out your body while making you feel STRONG! 

Focus T-25 Alpha Results
(Plus daily Shakeology)
The alpha round of T25 is only 5 weeks long, but is incredibly CRUCIAL because it focuses on core, form and cardio. After I completed Alpha, I am SO happy to say that I lost 4 pounds and about 5 inches all over my body!

Focus T25 Beta Results
(Plus daily Shakeology)

Too many of us focus on the scale though, when it's really about our body's changing mass {which is why I'm sure a fan of measurements}. Take a look at how the fit of my clothes RADICALLY changed after I started the second 5 weeks of T25 called beta round! From start to finish of my 10 weeks with T25, my body changed from a size 4/6 to 0/2-- most importantly, I gained CONFIDENCE!

Nate's Body Beast {Phase 1} Transformation
(Plus daily Shakeology)

Nate was a skeptic when he first started Body Beast, but quickly realized this program is legit. After just one month of the program he gained a couple pounds of PURE muscle and really started to chisel his physique. He is still in the midst of his second phase and we can't WAIT to share his final results!

Nate's Body Beast {Phase 2} Transformation
(Plus daily Shakeology)

Well, I think it's safe to say my hubby's a believer now.. and so am I.
Body Beast is a great program for men and women who want to bulk and/or build muscle! Nate started this program at home and was able to finish his final phase while deployed. 

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