Strawberry Mojito Super Shake Recipe

After my mid morning workout & before my family beach afternoon, I decided to whip up a strawberry super shake. Sweet + Tart was calling my name, so I concocted this recipe.

8-10 ice cubes
lime juice
fresh mint
1 scoop of strawberry shakeology

Blend to a milk shake consistency & ENJOY!

Feel free to share this recipe, but let me know what you think after you try it.

Conquering Ourselves

WE are often our greatest obstacle to overcome + conquer.

Ever feel this way?

If not.. Maybe take a moment to rethink what it is exactly that holds us back from achieving our goals - whether those are hefty life goals or simply the day to day goals of living a successful, happy & fulfilled life.

Is it really that you have some sort of life disadvantage penalizing you? Your job, your family, your obligations are to blame for holding you back?

Or is it..

Our doubt. Our fear. Our >>excuses<<. Our self limitations. Our defeated mindset. Our poor attitude.

I'm talking to US here, doll.

WE've got to choose today & every day to conquer ourselves. When we take control of & responsibility for our life, we are empowering ourselves for success.

We haven't removed the mountains or obstacles in our lives, but we become thoroughly equipped to face them. And SUCEED.

So start here & change your attitude//perspective//focus.

Conquer YOU today.

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