Chalene Extreme RESULTS

So I'm a little behind posting my results, but here they are 😜
As of this weekend, I'm //O F F I C I A L L Y// a #ChaleneExtreme graduate, y'all!!!

(x3) 30 day, focused training blocks
12 weeks of at home weight lifting & minor cardio
DAILY shakeology
balanced nutrition
monthly support groups

That's what I've been up to since MARCH.
From 27 weeks pregnant >>to>> 39 weeks pregnant.
I got it done.

And during that STRETCH of time, I had a L O T going on:

A wedding
Traveled to DC
Stayed//worked out in in a hotel
Worked out a family member's house
Traveled to TN
Worked out in someone else's garage
Hosed company that I ended up inviting to work out with me Traveled to NOLA

You see, I had LOTS of excuses..
PLENTY of reasons not to complete this start to finish..

(I'm not going to even start in on the giant belly I've been growing, weight gain or pregnancy symptoms that I COULD mention.)

BUT my drive to get it done was STRONGER than all the reasons I could have flaked out & cheated myself.

I didn't lose weight & I certainly didn't lose inches.
In fact, I gained about 10 pounds over the course of this program.

But you know what else I GAINED??

Some MAJOR self confidence.
Lots of STRENGTH in my upper/lower body + MIND.
And the ability to now LEAD & encourage other mama's to be in an active, healthy pregnancy.

My focus in these side by sides really isn't on either photo - it's on that blank space in between. It was the JOURNEY for me!!

It was remembering that I wasn't just staying disciplined for ME, but for my family & this baby growing inside me.

It was knowing that I could do HARD things no matter my changing circumstances.

It was working out for just as much for my MIND as my body.

It was the accountability groups I not only hosted, but PARTICIPATED in each month that kept me motivated.

PS: To EACH woman who was a part of them with me in March, April & May - THANK YOU for how you challenged me!!

So if you're trying to get pregnant & you want to create the healthiest environment to eventually grow a baby in - I want to help you.

If you're expecting & you want a program you can follow to simply stay consistent, remain healthy & avoid succumbing to the all-to-accepted excuses of pregnancy - I want to help you.

If you're postpartum & trying to get your mojo back//figure out what the NEW healthy looks like on your body - I want to help you (& do it WITH you).

If you're NONE of these, but health & fitness is something you know you need to prioritize more, but you need some support & direction to get started - I want to help you!

Email me at to learn more about my monthly accountability groups & find out what program is best for YOU, your lifestyle & YOUR goals!!

My name is Lindsey, I'm a Beachbody coach & these programs have not only changed my life, but have helped me have a WONDERFUL//healthy pregnancy ♥ 


26 Year Old, Work from HOME Mom

I sure have spent a LOT of time in this office the past week, putting in some LATE hours as I get organized & prepare my business//team to unplug quite a bit when this baby comes.

I'm B E Y O N D overwhelmed with gratitude to be in the profession I am.


Im going to be a 26 year old work from HOME mom any day now.

Putting in the hours when it will work for MY family.. even if it's middle of the night power pockets from my phone while feeding the babe.

Unplugging completely to soak up precious moments without feeling bad about it (oh & still getting paid, by the way).

Not having to worry about finding someone to keep my little one to go back to an office after a few short weeks at home.

The list of reasons.. the FREEDOM I have.. 

I just never imagined we'd have this option or that it would be a decision we could make with such confidence & total peace!

You better believe I'm making sacrifices & working hard - and will continue to do so - but not at the expense of missing out on what matters to me.

Thank you, Jesus.. for coaching.
For this business.
For this company to partner with.
For my team.
For the people I get to help.

This is why I so passionately share about what I do & invite others (maybe even YOU at some point in the past or the in the future) to join me.

Because if this is such a blessing in my own life - I simply can't imagine what it could mean for someone else!!

Want to know more?
Email me at

Growing Ghoens: Week 38 Bump Date

Well hey there, PUMPKIN!!! We're 38 weeks along now!

Are you as ready as I am to be together or are you super comfy in my belly?

We're all so ready for you to arrive, little one. Our sweet friends down here are doing everything they can to help us prepare for your big appearance.. from bringing dinner over to visiting us to a girls night in to pass the time.. they're trying to help distract our minds from counting down the minutes remaining of this pregnancy!!

Thanks, Hollen & Josh for dinner this week!!!

Your daddy has stepped it UP this week - taking extra good care of us!!

He's cooked dinner, made healthy treats (protein cookie cake!! recipe on my FB page from Kodiak Cakes), helped clean, run some last minute errands, massaged my back & rubbed my feet. Not to mention LOTS of last minute reading so he can be my helper during your birth! He even finished reading you the book of Genesis this week. We are SO blessed to have this guy around!!

Your mama did something pretty cool this week too. I FINALLY finished my 90 day strength training program & am OFFICIALLY a Chalene Extreme graduate. I'll post more about what this means later, but I am SO proud of being able to complete this while carrying you. I'm praying this hard work will make bringing you into the world & taking care of you easier - because I've taken care of ME & provided you with a really healthy environment to grow in.

I can't wait to workout with you & teach you how to live an EXCITING, healthy life as you grow up!

Here's one of the meals your dad whipped up this week - I've LOVED "pasta" this pregnancy. So we make veggie noodles with turkey sauce all the time. I also ate a TON of broccoli this week.. it just sounded EXTRA good for some reason :)

And while I've indulged a couple of days on some ice-cream, I've kept my sweet tooth primarily happy with our chocolate flavored superfoods/prenatal shake!!

One night, I actually mixed it with peanut butter, a little water & chopped strawberries - it was like a RICH pudding & tasted delicious. I know it doesn't LOOK that appealing, but I promise it was good. Trying my hardest to make plenty of healthy choices that outweigh our little treats here & there!

That's about it for the week! Because your dad was such a big help, mama put in some LONG hours in her office getting things with the business & our #GracefullyBalanced team situated so that I can unplug when you arrive. I promise, I'll have everything in order before you get here so I can spend all my time snuggling you & getting to know you!

Growing Ghoens: Week 37 Bump Date

37 Weeks!!! Check out that precious belly.

I've been watching it like a H A W K  to see if it's dropping any lower.

 We had an ultrasound with our midwife this week & while little miss still wouldn't let us see her whole face, we did get a glimpse at her SWEET profile. I just NEVER gets old.

Her daddy & I kind of love that she's staying a bit of a mystery to us!

She officially said that this sweet girl can come ANYTIME without issue & to go with the flow. She explained to Nate the stages of labor & encouraged us to stay home as long as possible because it will be more "comfortable" to labor here.

Talk about WILD getting those instructions.

This peanut is measuring around 6 pounds now & on the teeny side. We'll see if she stays that way over the next few weeks!

This mama took some time to meet with a friend - the oh so talented Brenna Kneiss who took our maternity photos - for breakfast this week.

We went to this adorable little coffee shop in Alys Beach called Fonville Press. I'm definitely going to be taking Nate here for a coffee or lunch date sometime!

These little pumpkins//big sisters got new memory foam mattresses this week.. which they LOVE. I think they're under the impression that we were just spoiling them with a new place to cuddle up. Little do they know that this will be their new sleeping location for a while after baby girl arrives.

Workouts are still going well - challenging as always - but good!! Only TWO weeks left of this Chalene Extreme program before I'm a 90 day graduate!! Woo Woo!!!

Nate had the day off on Friday, so we met up with my parents & took the kayaks out. We started out in Lake Powell & paddled over to Inlet Beach for a few hours. My mom & Nate dug this belly a hole so I could lay on my tummy.. for the first time in MONTHS. It was so nice!

Papa Bear finished baby bear's shelves this week - and they're hung up now in her room!! Aside from filling a few frames, her room is officially DONE!! And we absolutely love it.. I'll do a blog post tour of it soon!

In the spirit of transparency, here's a little synopsis of my progress as of this week:

- gained 28 pounds
- wearing only stretchy dresses when I leave the house
- wearing shorts and sports bra only at home.. HA
- dark circles/bag under eyes first half of the day
- mostly clear skin, but pregnancy glow seems to have dimmed a bit
- no swelling in feet.. praise the Lord!
- insomnia like normal
- achy legs

From what I've read, I'm right on track!! No complaints here:) 

 Read through the book of Galatians this week with my accountability group - my faith keeps me so grounded. Waiting on the Lord now, as always, in this season of wait.

Not my timing, but Yours, Jesus!
Trusting YOU to know when your masterpiece is ready for us to see.