Moving Past the Negative Thoughts & Words of Others: I'm Back

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Hey, friends! It's been a long time since I've written a post like this.
Honestly, I've been MIA for a few months - only recently sharing a post from other social media platforms. My absence hasn't been entirely without good reason. In the past 4+ weeks, we've shipped our entire life to Guam, moved out of our home from the past three years, moved into a small local rental & are coordinating the final pieces of our overseas move next month. BUT, that's not the only reason I've been away.

I've gotta be honest with all of you.. Like I always am here.

While I consider myself to have some fairly thick skin when it comes to the thoughts & words of other people regarding myself, I have STRUGGLED this year with negative comments on my blog posts. While I know that 99% of my readers truly enjoy the content I share here & my heart behind the words I write, the majority of the comments I actually receive on my blog posts are from the 1% of people who don't.

Here's what I've had to really remember as I've prepared myself to come back here & write again.

And I hope that these thoughts will speak to you if you need to hear them for your own reasons!

1. Your life, mess & message is a GIFT to others!

This is MY blog. This is MY place to share my heart. To speak from my own experience. ALWAYS in the hopes of it inspiring, encouraging, empowering & even ministering to the women who need it -- MY people. It's not "self absorbed" to write about my journey here, right? Because the blog name is Lindsey Ghoens. And if I wrote about everyone else's opinions or journeys, it just wouldn't be genuine.

If YOU have a platform in which you've felt compelled or called to share very personal pieces of your life, thoughts or experiences - don't you DARE stop. You have a MESSAGE & story so important to share. Because only YOU have lived your life. And you have NO clue who you are meant to encourage.

So be brave.
Speak & share with purpose.
Even if you don't know yet what it is.

God has given me the amateur gift of writing.
He has loved, redeemed & provided for me.
He's walked me through the many mountains & valleys of my young but full life.
I believe deep in my heart that part of my purpose is to love on & connect with women here.
I'm clinging to that!

2. It's actually about THEM, forgive & see the need

People who have something negative to say here have clearly read something that struck a cord or a nerve.

Ever heard the phrase "hurting people hurt people?"

Well it's true, but here's what I think has happened here..

Hurting or yearning people usually try to knock others down - UNintentionally.
I don't think the people who have come here to criticize me are malicious in any way.
I just think they're have some sort of need in their life. And that's okay. We've ALL been there in some way, at one point or another!

So if you're one of the people who has taken time out of your day in 2018 to write something less than edifying here, know that I'm not angry or upset with you. If you're aching for an inspiring community to be part of, a greater platform to connect with & serve others in your field of health/fitness/nutrition, a way to get consistent in your wellness journey or WHATEVER the case may be -- I am here for YOU.

I remember being in a place a long time ago where I saw the negative & felt overly critical, too. It's not a fun place to be. I'd love to help you brighten that light from within.

3. Check your heart, remember your calling & use it as fuel

There's nothing wrong with a little self reflection.. it's important, actually.

While we should always evaluate the weight of our words & let them leave our mouth (or fingertips) with peace, that's not always the case.

When we receive negative feedback from other, it's important to do a little heart check. Be critical of yourself only for a moment to be sure your motives & intentions are in the right place.

If they are, remember your calling.
Which is to share your life & testimony for the glory of God.
Be resolved.
And let that feedback be your fuel to keep going.
People are giving you feedback, negative included, because they're SEARCHING for something & they FOUND you.
Keep. Going.
Someone needs what you offer!

Okay, that's all for this morning.
My heart is lighter & my fingers are moving swiftly again.

I'd love to know what you'd like to see here on the blog.

Or even about an experience you've had in the past as you moved through hurt & come out the other side amazed at the purpose of it!!

Thanks for reading & for your support,

Monday's Reminder: Your FIGHT

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A little reminder for your Monday..
“You’re not in control of what life throws at you..
But you ARE in control of your fight..”
-Rachel Hollis 

Not fighting AGAINST what God ultimately is allowing.. but fighting THROUGH it.
Fighting with your daily effort.
Fighting past human, sinful & self limiting thoughts.
Fighting the lies the devil tells you.
Fighting your way to victory.

Because here’s the deal..
If God’s going to allow storms & trials & challenges & uncomfortable circumstances in your life..
{which, He does! Being a Christian certainly does NOT steer ya clear of “suffering”}
He IS going to equip you.
And He can guide you through it.

Be fuel and comforted by that today.
You can do ALL things because of Him!
So control the effort of your fight.