Big Announcement: Hard Corps Test Group SELECTION

So I've been keeping a BIG secret lately and have been waiting for the OK to make this announcement!

Well.. It's OFFICIALLY time to share!

I'm over the MOON excited to announce that I was selected, out of 400,000+ coaches, to be a part of an EXCLUSIVE TEST GROUP for Tony Horton's new program 22 Minute Hard Corps!!!

So what does that even mean?!? 

 I'll be going through the entire program with some other incredible coaches BEFORE it releases in early 2016!!

This experience will include::
Getting my tush kicked
Following a new nutrition plan
Giving feedback
Tracking & sharing my journey

....OH! & working on some MEGA results!

I don't think I can fully explain how grateful I am for coaching and all of the doors it has opened for me!

Representing my team.. Is an honor. Taking part of this.. Is completely surreal. I'm blessed, excited & a bit (or maybe a lot) nervous after seeing a sneak peek of this program.

...BUT. I'm going to give this EVERYTHING I've got.

Be sure to follow my journey here!! I'll NEED your support through this one, y'all.
Time to ‪#‎GETSOME‬!!! πŸ‘ŠπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

Mint-Chocolate Shakeology

This time of year, Americans experience 75% of their annual weight gain. SHEESH!!

Shakeology, my secret weapon, helps me prevent icky weight gain not just during the holidays, but every day. Shakeology fills my nutrition gaps, keeps me from getting sick like I used to EVERY winter, fuels my body with natural energy, curbs my salty-sugary cravings & is the most healthy/convenient meal of the day.

Most days, I stick to the SAME recipe.. what can I say? I keep it classy & SIMPLE. But this time of year, I enjoy making things festive. Say hello to this mint chocolate Shakeology recipe!

To learn more about WHAT Shakeology is and how it's changed our lifestyle, click here.

OR maybe you've heard me preach long enough. Click here to try it risk free for 30 days. 


I was feeling a little emotional one morning very recently thinking about the freedom I have in my life right now.. How drastically different my day to day routine is from last year.

πŸ‘— I don't go TO work anymore, so I no longer dress up or put on makeup unless it's the weekend.

πŸš— I go days at a time without leaving the house or driving my car.

⏰ I don't set an alarm clock unless I have appointment or DECIDE to get up early to work.

For most of us young folk nowadays.. That's kind of crazy, right??

While it's been a HUGE mental transition, it's been the biggest blessing!!

 spending each day with my fur babes.

 being able to greet my hubby when he comes home from work.

 that I have fewer selfish focuses everyday when trying to 'get ready for work'.. Aka brush my teeth and walk to the office.


πŸ“I haven't had to take a sick day or juggled paid time off since this summer.

πŸ“I haven't missed out on one important family moment.

πŸ“I get to

Who WOULDN'T want to work towards that?!

So later on that same day, the emotion continued when Hubby walked in my office and called me his sugar momma & congratulated me and my team on our accomplishments πŸ™ˆπŸ¦

You'd giggle, but it actually got me a bit choked up... Coming home to work a non traditional business wasn't something widely celebrated or understood last summer.. So having the ONE person who's opinion matters, who's also my constant cheerleader, acknowledge that it's paying of makes me SO proud!

πŸ‘‰We're giving freely of our time and resources.. Sponsoring a boy in Haiti, volunteering and participating in local ministry opportunities.

πŸ‘‰We're spoiling each other a bit for Christmas..

πŸ‘ˆWe're making BIG life plans that make me nauseous, scared and excited all at once.

And it's in part because of my business with Beachbody.

For a long time, I was the only thing in my way.. And I just wish I had started his journey sooner. So friends.... MOVE OVER and take your life by the reigns. Use the gifts and talents God has given you to make a difference in people's lives and change.your.circumstances.

If you need me, I'll be over here counting my blessings and thanking Jesus πŸ˜Š

To learn more about what I do as a health & wellness coach, email me at or fill out this application here.

DIY Christmas Card: Design for {FREE}

This year, I decided to approach Christmas cards a little differently. In the past, I used various website based companies who offered mega discounts or were available through groupon. Last year, however, my order was EXTREMELY delayed & our Merry Christmas cards didn't arrive until after the New Year.

This year, I got exactly what I wanted, made them from home & picked them up about an hour later for about 15 cents a piece.

Check out this video for a tutorial on how I made these cute, money-saving holiday cards!

Once I picked up these puppies from our local drug store, the hubby helped me package them up in a festive card & envelope combo I found in the dollar section at Target.

And we used this custom stamp I ordered through a vendor on !

He's the cutest, right??!

Gotta say.. for a total of $11-$12, we lucked out this year!

Coming SOON to a mailbox near you, friends!

21 Day Fix Meal Plans

The 21 Day Fix (& Extreme) is BY FAR one of my all time favorite programs; Not just because of the awesome workouts & great results I got, but because the meal plan is SUSTAINABLE.

It's not a diet. You don't feel starved.

It's a simple, portion based system. Colored coded containers to teach you how MUCH of each "approved" food category to eat.

Your custom container requirements are determined by using a formula which takes into account your current weight, daily activity level and goals.

I understand that opening that first "challenge pack" box can be intimidating. The Shakeology and the workouts? Easy to process. The concept of meal planning around the container system? A little more tricky.

So where do you start??

I decided to provide a couple of my SAMPLE meal plans for you be INSPIRED by or use exactly even! I created these for two of the most popular calorie brackets for women: 1200 & 1500 calories.

Be sure to let me know what you think! OH, and download the app to help you track through the day!