21 Day Fix Meal Plans

The 21 Day Fix (& Extreme) is BY FAR one of my all time favorite programs; Not just because of the awesome workouts & great results I got, but because the meal plan is SUSTAINABLE.

It's not a diet. You don't feel starved.

It's a simple, portion based system. Colored coded containers to teach you how MUCH of each "approved" food category to eat.

Your custom container requirements are determined by using a formula which takes into account your current weight, daily activity level and goals.

I understand that opening that first "challenge pack" box can be intimidating. The Shakeology and the workouts? Easy to process. The concept of meal planning around the container system? A little more tricky.

So where do you start??

I decided to provide a couple of my SAMPLE meal plans for you be INSPIRED by or use exactly even! I created these for two of the most popular calorie brackets for women: 1200 & 1500 calories.

Be sure to let me know what you think! OH, and download the app to help you track through the day!

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