30 Day Pray for your Spouse Challenge

I wish I had thought about posting this earlier in the week, but better late than never!

A couple of years ago, my campus pastor's wife gave me a couple of sheets of paper. We were in the middle of a group marriage study, but she told me these pieces of paper were full of ways I could pray of my husband for 30 days.

I remember thinking initially "well, I'm already praying for him." But as I read through each daily prayer topic in private later, I realized how much more specifically I could be praying for my partner.

I embarked on a 30 day prayer journey, without telling my husband.
I lifted him up daily to the Father.
Praying over him with great intentionality.

And God answered.
Not overnight.
But over the course of these past two years, it's been amazing to see such progress in each & every topic unfold in the (spiritual) life of my precious husband.

I'm ready to do it again.
But not alone.
I'd like to partner with other sisters in Christ.

Remember - There is SO much power in prayer!!

Through prayer, we give thanks, ask for forgiveness & even seek protection for our spouse/marriages.

There is an evil one in our world - the devil - who the bible reminds us wants to steal, kill & destroy.
BUT, God intends our marriages to THRIVE.
And to reflect the gracious, selfless, sacrificial relationship between Christ & the church.
How BEAUTIFUL that is 

So let's commit to daily, intentional prayer this month.
We started on Thursday, March 15th, but you can absolutely join us now.

Simply add me as a friend on Facebook HERE & send me a message to join the 30 day prayer challenge!

 I'm so excited to hear how God is going to work!!

Our Big News: We're #GhoensToGuam

You as shocked as we are?!

You read that right.. come fall of this year, we're #GhoensToGUAM

You know that verse in the bible about God being in control..
oh wait, that's ALL of it. HA

More specifically, in Proverbs 16:9 we're reminded that we make plans in our hearts, but GOD directs our steps.

So let's talk about that a bit..

Last year, we made the decision to choose California as our next military assignment. We even downsized both cars because of how "certain" we were at one time that we'd go there next.

We thought, "what a new adventure for our family."
"Yeah, it'll be different going ALL the way to the west coast (HA),
but we can do it!!"

Little did we know, that mental & heart shift was preparing us for a bigger one down the road.

This week, the needs of the Navy changed our plans.
But God wasn't surprised by that at all.

We knew that technically an overseas option might present itself.
But we were told that chances weren't too terribly high.
So we put it on the mental back burner & kept on with our "plans."

I did, however, text a couple of my friends for some wisdom.
..and a little out of POSSIBLE panic.
Being totally honest, I was hoping they'd even send up a selfish prayer or two for us to be out of the "running" for one of those overseas spots.

My sweet friends Jessica & Malerie reminded me that no matter WHERE we would go, to be confident that God has already gone before us & hand picked our next home. That He is already setting up our friends & community for us. "Supernatural comfort" was even prayed over us.

I'm in tears typing this because.. praise Jesus for sweet friendships!! Love you two!

Mean while, God kept putting other things before me..
Even reading Facebook posts from friends about similar testimonies.
My sweet friend Lindsey wrote about their family's recent transition & how CLEAR it is to her know that He intentionally provided so much for them RIGHT where they are.

I would read things like that & hope that God was just reminding me of His character - but not for the underlying specific reason I began to feel in my spirit that it was for.

This Monday I woke up just KNOWING something different..
Nate was supposed to contact the detailer & chat about our next home.
We were honestly open to anything stateside - in Virginia or California.
And I NEEDED it to be one of those.
The fearful part of me did..

But Nate came home from work, we laid Reagan down for a late nap & sat at the (card) table to eat.

Before I could take the first bite, he said the words..

"I called the detailer today. And we're going to Guam."

It was the weirdest combination of shock of watching the words come out of his mouth that I had hoped he would't say, but also a complete lack of surprise because something in my gut (HELLO, Holy Spirit) just knew..

 I said ok.
And asked several logistical questions.
I quickly texted my friends who had been praying for us.
Talked a few more minutes with Nate.
Then excused myself.
Closed myself in my closet.
And wept.

I KNOW this is no accident.
I'm CONFIDENT in the provision of God.
I believe He has a PURPOSE for this.

But still, my heart broke a little.
Thinking of the time (moreso than if we were stationed in the US) that we'll be spending apart as a family for the next three years.

Fortunately for me - one of my oldest friends was available to chat.
And she listened..
But then she made me laugh.
She has just the words I needed to hear.

So I got the tears out of my system.
Then I came out & found Nate who was ready to hug me.

I told him with red eyes and a snotty nose that we were going to be just fine.
We'll make it work.
And we'll look back in 10 years & think about the memories we made.

THIS was the adventure our hearts were being prepared for.
This was the place of obedience & surrender that God wanted us to be at.
Now I know.

We'll be FAR from family & our dear friends.

We'll be separated more from each other.

But even MORE Yes..
God is in control.
He ordained this.
We have been called by the LORD before the US military to Guam.
It will be our home.. our place of work.. our next adventure.. our mission field.

So while I might need some occasional encouragement as we prepare our minds & hearts PLUS start this crazy process of preparing to move across the world - I'm looking FORWARD with anticipation of excitement to come & seeing what God has in store for us.

Friends, we covet your prayers!
Prayers for smooth preparation.
Prayers for travel mercies.
Prayers as we coordinate things for our pets.
Prayers as we find a new home.
Prayers as we separate from Florida.
Prayers for PRECIOUS quality time here before we leave & there after we move.
Prayer for protection.
Prayer for a heart of OBEDIENCE.
Prayer for a spirit of willingness.
Prayer for opportunity to love, serve & minister.

You're part of launching us.
So we thank you in advance.

And for anyone who's "been there, done that."
Feel free to hit me up with all your tips & tricks.

And be sure to follow us on Facebook or IG for the latest on our new adventure!!

The countdown is on..

Spinach Strawberry Banana Pancakes: 80 Day Obsession Approved Recipe

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P A N C A K E S 

I kid you not.. they’re always nostalgic to me.
Comfort & soul food right on a plate!!

Pancakes mean:

My favorite meal
{besides tacos, of course}
They mean family time 
They mean late night dinners
They means slow Saturday mornings

I didn’t want to skip one of my favorites for 13 weeks straight during this program we’re following {read about 80 Day Obsession here}, & lucky for me, hubby found a solution!

>> Spinach Banana & Strawberry Pancakes <<

I know, I know..
GREEN pancakes.

You can't help but stop & stare, right?
And probably also wonder, "are they any good though?"

The fun coloring you see in these photos is 100% natural - from all the healthy & delicious ingredients inside of these EASY to make pancakes!

You ready for the deets!?

pancakes, pancakes recipe, 80 day obsession recipe, fixate recipe, 21 day fix recipe, 21 day fix extreme recipe


1/2 cup strawberries
1/4 cup kodiak cake mix
{Or you could use another protein pancake or waffle mix, I'm sure. I used a half serving!}
1/4 banana
2 eggs
1 cup raw spinach


..here's how seriously easy these are.

Grab ALL dem ingredients.
Dump them in the blender.

Blend until you get a SMOOTH, green "batter."

Pour the mixture into 3" pancakes on a hot griddle.
{use coconut oil spray to grease the griddle just in case!}

Be careful if you step away - these cook QUICK.
Don't be alarmed by the brown coloring, it won't affect the taste!

pancakes, pancakes recipe, 80 day obsession recipe, fixate recipe, 21 day fix recipe, 21 day fix extreme recipe

Flip & finish those suckers.

pancakes, pancakes recipe, 80 day obsession recipe, fixate recipe, 21 day fix recipe, 21 day fix extreme recipe

Top with a bit of nut butter & or fruit.

This recipe is for ONE serving & makes about 6 pancakes.

For my friends working through 80 Day Obsession or any of the Beachbody programs that follow a variation of the "fixate" meal plan, one serving of these pancakes {with nut butter} counts as:

1 Red + 1 Yellow + 1 Purple + 1 Green + 1 TSP

Sorry for Being a Bad Friend: A Letter from a Mom in the Trenches

Hey Girl,

I'm so sorry we haven't spoken in forever - it's almost embarrassing.
I've gotten your texts & have seen your missed phone calls.
I always MEAN to respond..
But I forget.
Sometimes I plan to call you back..
But I wonder if my "window" of time long enough to chat?
 Or think, "will she hear the babe in the background & get flustered?"
"will I hear the babe & be able to focus?"
"do I even have anything NEW to say or share?"

I have this desire to explain..
To share my heart.
It's hard to put into words..
But I'll try.

So much has changed.
Myself included.
I mean, I'm still very much so me.
But also someone entirely different at the same time.

I know we talked years ago about what life would be like one day when we started families. We laughed & made plans - we said nothing would change.
And while my love for you definitely hasn't,
I know I'm a crummy friend right now.

I forget to send birthday cards.
I read texts & forget to reply.. or do so weeks later.
I plan to call you before bed, but then crash before 10 next to my breast pump.
I haven't made a play date.. in ages.
& I literally can't remember our last "girls night" to watch the Bachelor.
It's just reality right now.

I love it though.
I really, truly do.
It sounds rougher than it is.
It's the guilt that's hardest, I think.
Or maybe the pressure to be what I'm not or can't be right now.

The "will she understand?"
Or "gosh, I hope she's not upset or disappointed with me.."
I'm probably projecting that on myself though.
Or maybe there's a little truth there?
But goodness - guilt is the last things us mamas need.
So I need to free myself of it.
And I hope you understand, friend.

Because you see, our babies are only teeny once.
My day might revolve around the schedule, or lack there of, of my child now.
But one day, this little will be big.

And while I know I'll enjoy the freedom that comes with independence in time, I'll crave the "mama mama" with hands around my ankles while trying to get ready for the day.. the middle of the night feedings leading to slow, sleepy mornings.. the mental leaps that lead to long baby wearing snuggles.. the cancelled plans that lead to special memories at home.

I. Will. Miss. Them.
I do just thinking about it.

These sweet but very demanding days will be but a memory in time - ones that I'll relive with the fondest feelings & a full heart.

So the truth is, I'm not wishing the time away.
I'm owning & embracing being a bad friend.

But it's just for a season.
They'll grow up.
Or I'll get "better" at this mama thing.
Wait for me, okay?

We'll sip coffee or have a glass of wine again.
We'll make day dates to shop or just sit and TALK.
We'll plan weekend trips with our fellas.
..one day.
It'll come!

For now..
I'm cherishing these stir crazy, hot mess, hermit days at home.
Finding joy in the crazy, circus, never ending days on the go.

I'm in the trenches, figuring out parenthood.
I'm on a journey of raising a little human.
I'm instilling love, respect, kindness & morals.

It's a big job.
And it requires nearly my entire being.
I'm honored to give it right now.

Despite the occasional feelings I have of living a slightly mundane life,
I realize how profound my role is & I would literally trade it for nothing.

Despite feeling like I might be missing out on ME time - I know I'm RIGHT where I need to be & where I'll want to remember.

But sweet friend..
Please know that I love you.
I care for you & hope you're doing well.
I'd love to catch up one day.
And hear all about the excitement & happenings of YOU!

Until that time, give this mama some grace.
Be patient with me.
Because I'm so anxious & tired it's insane.
But I'm also in love with this crazy chapter of life.

We'll connect again soon.
I know we will.