Working the Pockets : My Tip for Online Business Success

My team & I .. we talk OFTEN about how we work in the POCKETS of of our lives.
Your pockets?
You know.. Little windows of time we all have that we {my team & I} choose to use productively towards business growth.

You see, nearly ALL of us have:
Careers, families or a million other responsibilities that we juggle.
Some of even enjoy & thrive when being super busy, yet purposeful!
At the moment I was writing this, I was actually sending emails while nursing my baby to sleep. Time that I could have been mindlessly scrolling Pinterest or IG stories. This is a POCKET. And I’m werkin‘ it.

I can’t believe it’s been four years now of figuring out this business & how it fits with my life - through ALL the seasons & transitions we’ve been through. 
What a BLESSING that it’s been a constant for me!
I remember feeling stressed & stunted at my old job.
I remember feeling stuck in my schedule, without the freedom I craved.
I remember going through the motions & dreading Mondays.
I remember being 20+ pounds heavier, self conscious & discouraged that I wasn’t living up to my potential.
I remember thinking “I wish there was another way..” but not knowing exactly what that looked like for a young 20 something who hadn’t completed her degree yet.

And then this..
I stumbled upon this..

I took a giant leap.
NOT knowing what I was doing.
But full of faith that I'd figure it out.
Because I needed so desperately what it could offer me on so many levels. 
The fear of staying put was bigger than the fear of failing forward!

So hear me with this.
Because maybe you’re intrigued.
Or maybe you’re an eye rolling skeptic, reading for a “punch line” to joke or poke at.

if you are still someone that SCOFFS at working a business online, or recommending products that you love --- you truly gotta make a mindset shift, friend.
As cheesy as it sounds.. times have CHANGED.
Things are not what they once were.
And the opportunity in network marktingn& social commerce is REAL.
And I’m so glad I made the leap when I did!

I knew absolutely ZILCH about managing /growing my own business - or social media for that matter - four years ago when I said YES.

Simply put — I cared MORE about finding a wellness solution for myself and helping other along the way.

And like I remember the tough times in my past before I took this leap, I equally remember now the INCREDIBLE provision we’ve experienced (more than just financially) because of this coaching gig I started.

•coming home from my part time office job to spend time with my husband who was back from his third deployment
•helping pay off several debts
•being home with my daughter her ENTIRE first year + of life.. because of learning to WORK THE POCKETS

Four years
Loads of failing
But refusal to quit
And resilience to keep on


That’s what i have to show for.. & I’m so grateful!

You may still think “you do you, boo..” but at least do your research before you make a conclusive decision.

This opportunity - what we offer - the mission we’ve set out to tackle .. it’s not going anywhere. It’s GROWING.

So this is a great time to jump in.

I know this isn't for everyone. But, I BELIEVE it’s worth your consideration because of what’s possible!

What if you could _______.
Wouldn’t it be worth it!?
And could you afford NOT to try?

My job is more than helping people! Helping people get healthy andddd helping people build their version of success. I get to teach my team how to create opportunity!

My coach mentorship is open now & I’d love to chat with you about joining me! 

You have nothing to lose & so much to gain by giving this an honest shot.
So let’s TALK!  

Email me via OR complete this form & I'll contact YOU!

( PS : you will be successful if you do the daily work, stay teachable & implement training.. AND focusing on helping people!! Kapeesh!?)