JUNE 3 Day Refresh Invitation

How does a 3 Day, Plant-Based C L E A N S E after Memorial Day Weekend sound to you?

Does it sound like perfect timing?
Like you could use a clean slate?
Like your body needs a reboot?

Like your physical progress has stalled?

This refresh is just what you're looking for. I've done it 4 times myself (Nate's even done it before!) & each time I complete it, I feel rejuvenated -- like I just gave my body the boost it really deserved.

So I'm hosting a group for 10 people to complete this TOGETHER!

 No crazy juice cleanse that will destroy your organs or starve your body.
 Plant based meals >> YES, you get to EAT.  🍆🍅🍓🍋🍑
 VERY gentle fiber sweep that isn't going to make you run to the bathroom. 
 Moderate exercise is okay too. 

Want to know more & snag your spot?

Shoot me an email to lindseykollar@yahoo.com with the subject "REFRESH info"!

We REFRESH June 2-4. Orders must be placed soon, so reach out ASAP!

Post Partum Panty Popsicles: Why & How

Have a list of items in your mind you'd never imagine putting on your kitchen counter?!

Well, unwrapped maxi pads were on my mental no-no list.. until recently!

In the midst of this pregnancy prep, I've heard people RAVE about whipping up some soothing pads for post partum life.

So I looked on pinterest at some popular combinations, based on comfort, & narrowed down my list to take the plunge.

Then, one Friday afternoon, I turned on Netflix & knocked out 30 of these bad boys! NOW, I've got something in my deep freezer that I never would have imagined.. PREPPED MAXI PADS!

Okay so what do these P.P.P.P (post-partum panty popsicles) consist of?


HEAVY flow//extra long {overnight} maxi pads with wings
Aloe vera
Witch hazel
Lavender essential oils

And y'all, they're actually way more simple to make than I realized!

Here's why I chose each ingredient.

Witch hazel offers several benefits, including relief for hemorrhoids, relief from postnatal swelling, cooling power & is an herbal remedy.

Aloe vera is known to have healing, anti-inflammation, analgesic, anti-bacteria, anti-itching, moisturizing (& more!) properties.

Lavender essential oils are said to be very soothing, help reduce inflammation, heal infection, aid in calming & even reduce pain.

Of course anything COLD will be soothing, but will also help with perineal swelling. So keep these guys FROZEN once they're done.

Curious how I made them?


(1) I cleaned the area I was going to be prepping these in.

(2) I set everything up like an assembly line and only made 5-6 at a time to keep it manageable/sanitary.

(3) I applied aloe vera from front to back of the maxi pad.

(4) I then squirted roughly a tablespoon, maybe more, of witch hazel into the entire middle portion of the pad.

(5) Finally, I applied 2-3 drops of lavender essential oils.

(6) Once each of the ingredients were applied, I used a spoon to spread the aloe evenly. *Keep the spoon in a CLEAN place between uses!!*

(7) I then closed the wings, returned the adhesive protectors over the wings, folded them up in the original wrapper & placed them carefully in a ziplock bag for the freezer.


And now I have them ready to pull out & tuck in my britches as needed.

Some gals on various blogs said they only used them the first week or two a couple times a day; while others said they used them MUCH more frequently (probably around 60-70 total).

I decided this set of 30 would be my first batch & that I would whip up more if needed later, so as not to waste anything.

I'll be sure to post a review of how helpful these were after the baby arrives in a couple of weeks (I'm currently 37.5 weeks pregnant) & I get to put these to the test!

Wish me luck!!

Growing Ghoens: Week 36 Bump Date

9 Months.. Just like that..

Holy Smokes.

I'm literally not sure how this pregnancy is flying by so fast.
While I feel that time is literally slipping through my fingers like grains of sand, it also can't move quickly enough for me to be able to hold you, little one!!

Week 36 started out pretty special - on Mother's Day. I got my first official card & a gift certificate from the hubs for a pedicure. He knows that the struggle is REAL now to reach my own toes. HA!

The day before, I did my usual Saturday cardio routine. That night, it triggered my first series of pretty intense contractions. For about 3 hours we wondered if I would continue to progress beyond contractions every 3-4 minutes, but things ended up slowing back down entirely on their own to very frequent Braxton Hicks without pain.

Neither of us were rattle by the situation, but it reminded us both of how CLOSE we actually are to the big day & the fact that my body is going to do this whether we're "ready or not."

Ready or not..

This is scary for some gals, but for me - it's actually comforting.
The fact that I can't control any of this & literally am along for the ride is yet another reminder of how our bodies as women were literally created to grow & birth little humans. What a blessing & honor that is!!! Thank you, Jesus!

After that burst of excitement, we decided there was NO better time to get the car seat all set up! We took a trip to my sisters house to visit her, my brother in law & niece for Mother's Day lunch & to pick up their infant car seat we're borrowing.

It's pretty cool that my older sister & I will have babies on 10 months apart from each other!! We're all so grateful to be near each other in this season!

Car seat installation: CHECK - a BIG baby do list item is officially crossed off!!

This was a BIG week for my baby do list. Every day we were knocking things out.. I think it all started with getting that car seat put in. After that, it was like the domino affect kicked in! And it felt GREAT!!

That being said - nesting has continued with a vengeance. For both of us - but especially this mama bear!!

The organized planner inside of me is LOVING this "excuse" to get things in order around the house - although I know right now this is literally for survival! haha.

I made about 10 freezer meals this week that I can either throw right into the oven or dump in the crock pot when we need them. I'll be sure to blog about those recipes soon! Thank God for pinterest inspiration from mamas who have gone before me :) 

Freezer Meals: another big CHECK off our list this week.
I KNOW exhausted, PP lindsey will be thanking me for this in a few more weeks!

Speaking of exhausted ;) 

These snapshots after a couple of my workouts this week are pretty self explanatory. I haven't eased up a bit on my training schedule - in fact, I'm on week 2 of this final 30 day block of Chalene Extreme. However, I sure am tired!! 

Sleep is happening less & less as my body continues to grow//become more uncomfortable. SO I don't have quite the same energy during my workouts or put out as hard as I usually would. But it's funny how at the end of my 45 minutes I'm still absolutely drenched, as if I had just completed the hardest workout of my life :) 


I know the gals in my May accountability group are proud of me for keeping up my commitment to myself, this baby & our challenge together - I hope they know how big of a role they play in keeping me motivated!!

{Want to know more about these online accountability groups? Email me at lindseykollar@yahoo.com }

Another big baby prep moment of the week that I crossed off the list (can you tell I'm on FIRE right now!?): interviewing a pediatrician!!

Although I had a few questions about vaccination schedules, I walked into that appointment like a deer in headlights. I asked a couple questions, but totally owned my rookie status & said that I would let her know what else I thought of later on when the baby arrived.

Y'all. I could hardly think objectively.
I was way too busy trying to mentally process the shock of sitting in a pediatric office that was covered in toys, playing disney songs & had cartoons on the tv.

At the end of the day - it was a good visit & I think we found a decent option for the next year or so of us living here. That's a win!

Next up on my list: hospital go bags, packing the diaper bag, making our last minute list before we head to the hospital & finalizing gifts for our nursing/medical team.

This was a lot of fun for me - especially the part of getting things ready for other people. I LOVE giving gifts of appreciation. So gathering goodies and baking muffins to take to the hospital was a blast for me.

While this next item was a big one on our list, it moreso felt like a passing a milestone for us in this baby prep season. Like okay, now we can realllllllly have the baby: MATERNITY PHOTOS

I spent the weekend before shopping around for some dress options, which was quite the adventure. Thanks to everyone on FB who weighed in & helped me with feedback on the options I had chosen!!

At the beginning of the week, we finally met with our photographer & got them done. I can't wait to see the finished product - I'm sure they'll be GORGEOUS. Although if there were real life outtakes, you'd see all the bug swatting & SWEATING that was happening due to this insane Florida heat & humidity. Ha!

So grateful we were able to capture this precious bump! Although next time, I'll probably try to do photos a little earlier so I'm not as GIANT & sweaty :) 

What else.. what else.

OH, our play gym came in this week from a small business called Spebarn & Sprout that I actually found a couple of months ago on Pinterest. The owner of this business is a stay at home, working mama from Portland, Oregon who hand makes each item with love.

If you're looking for a play gym, mobile, etc I would absoutely check her out (on the web or on IG). Help support another hustling mama who is working hard to be home with her babies!!

I spent lots of time in the nursery this week, wrapping up some last minute things & helping hubby narrow down a stain color for the shelves we're putting up soon. I feel SO close to this little girl when I sit in her room and watch her move in my belly. A nearly full term baby separated by what feels like just a layer of skin. It's AMAZING to watch her react to certain noises & touches of mine.

I will cherish these memories FOREVER, sweet girl!!

 Little one, you're almost here.

Our midwife officially told us this week that you can really come at any time now & you'd be fine.

I'm fine if you bake a little longer, but if God gives you the green light, you go ahead & come on!! We're ready!

Mommy & Daddy love you to the moon!!

Get Her Back CHALLENGE: Summer Accountability Group

👉🏻Are you ITCHING to get your groove back or feel like your old self again because the hustle of life has literally taken over & you've lost the gal you were before?
👉🏻Or you KNOW you've got a groove within ya, but you just can't seem to find it!
Guess what? You're NOT alone!!
I haven't felt like myself in about a year now.. 

I'm ready to help YOU ladies, while I get ready to help myself too.
It's time to GET HER BACK!💃🏻
So here's the deal...
I'm offering a women only accountability group that is going to be open to you ALL summer. For real. I'm here for you all summer. We'll work in 21 day waves with breaks in between to regroup!☀️
Our goal is to create a LIFESTYLE that will work for you despite the craziness of life & even the hoops of our summer schedules.
✖️ I'm letting YOU decide (with my help of course) what program is best for your lifestyle & goals. SURPRISE - you can literally choose between any & all 500 of them + stream yours no matter where you're at!
✖️ You'll be give a simple, customizable nutrition guide AND I'll give you sample meal plans that are pre-made to follow
✖️ We'll be drinking a daily superfood shake that will blow your mind because of the value, taste & convenience.
✖️ You'll be part of a private accountability group that will help you feel SUPPORTED, challenged & encouraged
✖️ We'll use a digital tracking APP where you can log your daily activity & weekly progress. It's SIMPLE & perfect for all of us busy girls.
And the icing on this healthy cake? It's affordable, sustainable & you're even going to enjoy yourself!🍰
I'm looking for T E N women who are READY to make changes, go ALL in & get their GROOVE back.
So if this is YOU.. send an email to lindseykollar@yahoo.com to learn more!
PS >> joining with a girlfriend or family member is totally welcome!
We launch June 5th, but enrollment must be completed by the 29th!! DON'T miss out!!!

Growing Ghoens: Week 35 Bump Date

35 Weeks of #GrowingGhoens & apparently you're the size of the cutest coconut ever right about now!

You're getting so big, sweet girl.
I bet your "house" feels teeny right about now.

Your movements in mommy's belly are starting to feel different.
It's less of a wiggle & more of BIG movements where I can actually feel your little arms, legs, hands & feet.

We LOVE laying down at night to watch you move. I can't wait to see you squirm like this when you come out & know that is what you were doing all of these months in my tummy.

This week, your dad & I took a quick trip to NOLA for our final get away as a two-some before you come join our party. We walked around hand in hand around the city, explored some new sights & ate lots of good food!! I'll be sure to blog about that trip & where we went SOON! (stay tuned!)

Goodness though - the heartburn struggle is REAL with food! And I definitely paid for all of the treats we had those two days we were away. I think because of how high up you are & how things have shifted around that the most random stuff causes heart burn & reflux.. which basically means that your mommy feels like a fire breathing dragon on the daily. Haha.

When we got home, I started trying to detox right away. So we meal prepped some healthy options! And I kicked my sweet tooth with apple, peanut butter & granola + some extra chocolate shakeology!

After we got home, mama got to go meet up with one of her accountability partners who has helped make sure I've stayed on track with my workouts during pregnancy. It was the very FIRST time we had ever met in person, after almost a whole year of our online fitness groups!!! I'm so grateful for the friendships I've formed within these groups!!

Megan, I am SO glad I got to squeeze your neck FINALLY!!

Speaking of fitnassss.

Your mama bear finished another block of her workouts (the PUSH series) over the weekend & started another this week (called the LEAN series). It's actually the FINAL 30 day block of this 90 day program called Chalene Extreme.

So for the next month, that's week 35 thru 38 of pregnancy, we'll be knocking out more weightlifting - the upper & lower body at the same time! We're having to modify a lot since these require stability/core work, but it's getting done!! And I'm so proud of us for NOT letting up!

I seriously can't imagine how much harder pregnancy would be mentally & physically if we weren't taking care of ourself!

Ladies out there who are expecting little ones OR are trying to conceive a baby - don't you dare let up. Keep on with what you're doing!! Listen to your body & do your best!

Time is ticking away.
So it's work work work all day & rest rest rest all night (feet UP at 9pm!! HA).

Some of the baby prep I did this week included shopping for maternity photo dresses + working on gifts for the nurses & midwife that are going to help deliver you in a few weeks.

Your daddy has been working on picking a stain for your nursery shelves.. oh, and reading to you from Genesis at night while mommy rests. You guys even jam out to music sometimes at night in bed together! It's pretty darn cute to listen to him sing to you while you dance around.

Okay, sugar.
That's all for now.

Mama loves you to the moon & back.
See you soon!