Our {natural} Birth Story: Part One

Remember this photo from my Week 40 BUMP DATE?

 This moment is what started our journey to baby Rae's arrival!

For those of you who don't follow me on social media, our sweet girl was named Reagan Grace! Feel free to friend me here!

Our Birth Story: Part One

Tuesday morning, June 13th, I went in for my 40 week + 2 day appointment.

I checked in.
Left a urine sample.
Then went back for an NST.

Nate had to sit outside the door because two other gals were also sitting in the divided room on heart rate//contraction monitors next to me.

I sat there for 25-30 minutes on my phone while I watched my braxton hicks on the monitor. I remember thinking that baby girl must be sleeping because she didn't seem to be moving as much as normal.

My midwife popped in about halfway through the test to say that things looked great & that I was having regular contractions! I told her they weren't painful & the frequency was probably because I needed to drink more water & pee again 
(little did I know). She said that she would see me in an exam room in a few minutes.

A nurse popped in to unhook me, wipe my belly off & walk me back to see my midwife. As I stood up to pull my shirt down, I felt a H U G E gush in my pants of warm pee.. or was it?

Hahaha, I bet the look on my face was priceless!

I shockingly looked up to tell the nurse I either peed my pants or that.. *another gush* my water just broke.

I instantly knew it.

My heart started beating fast with SO much excitement!!
I immediately walked out the door to Nate sitting against the wall with huge eyes because he was able to overhear the conversation between the nurse & I behind the cracked door.

I flash him a surprised smile & waddled quickly in my soaked pants to the closest bathroom.

The flow didn't stop - there was NO doubt in my mind what had happened - but the nurse said to come on back so they could make sure.

As I sat on the table, where I snapped this photo, with water flowing down my legs, I looked at Nate in silent disbelief & we laughed.

I wanted SO badly my whole pregnancy to experience my water breaking, but knew that doesn't happen for most people until they're in labor, and often it's done for them.

Gosh, I felt so blessed already in my labor experience!
It all truly felt like a gift..
Sure enough, the midwife confirmed before she even gave me a formal exam. She asked if I wanted to be checked, which I had opted out of completely thus far, & I said sure!

(people say it's PAINFUL to be checked, but if you go in very relaxed or excited in my case & don't dread it, it's not bad at all! I only decided to get checked ONLY since my water broke in the office. I truly feel like it's un-necessary since those numbers in NO way dictate a timeline of labor.)

I was 1 centimeter dilated & 70% at 9:45am.

She mentioned I'd probably be in active labor within 12-24 hours. I told her I planned to go home & labor until my contractions were 2-3 minutes apart, as we had discussed previously from my birth plan, & she sent us on our way!

I came home & decided to workout, incase it could speed things up.

So I did a 45 minute strength training workout, but my braxton hicks still didn't change in frequency or pain.

I took a shower.
Walked a little.
Helped Nate put together the pack n play.
Then we went for a quick lunch.

The whole time, we kept saying how crazy it was to literally know that our girl was on the way!!

After lunch we came home from lunch & I mentioned that we should try for a quick nap to be rested up. I slept for about 30 minutes & woke up to some LEGIT contractions.

The contractions quickly went from painless braxton hicks to full fledged labor, about 5 minutes apart. We're still trying to decide if my body went from 0-60 or if I have a high pain tolerance & never fully felt that early stage of labor.

I used the breathing techniques from my Hypnobirthing book (HIGHLY recommended read for my natural mommas!) & labored on my hands and knees in our bedroom or walking the main living area of our house for a few hours.

Nate had detailed notes from his reading for each stage of labor, helping remind me of what was to come & giving several massages when my surges came on. I remember him saying, "I think we're way further along & totally skipped the first page of my notes!"

My mom came to the house & we decided shortly after, around 8:45pm, to head to the hospital when my contractions were averaging 2 minutes & 15 seconds apart with lots of pressure.

We hopped in the car & I sat on my knees in the floor of the back seat area, continuing to breathe through each contraction.

Then we arrived at the hospital...

Ready for part two?

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