Growing Ghoens: Week 39 Bump Date

39 Weeks.. I keep thinking, "could this be the week?!"

My belly is the size of a watermelon, baby girl.
What size does that mean YOU are??
Hopefully smaller than that!! HA

We are PRAYING praying for a healthy arrival very soon!! I don't think I've ever been more ready for something in my entire life!!


Mommy's accountability partners, who have been praying for you so fervently, especially can't wait to meet you. They coordinated a little gift card shower for us from our the small group at church! So so thoughtful + helpful!!

Thank you, Hollen & Taylor.
We love you!

Mommy had a little sign happen like week that means you might REALLY be making your appearance anytime now. So your dad & I have gotten creative with things to try to see if it'll help you come see us asap!!

Just to name a couple (& keep it PG.. HA), we tried:

Thai Food
A a 9 mile bike ride at your Mimi & Papa's house
Even a pedicure.. shucks right?? :P
(I heard they sometimes hit labor inducing pressure points!!)

 I keep snapping photos of my belly every day to see if it & YOU are dropping!


Your movements are so fun & so BIG.
I think I can feel you getting into position to come see us.

Gosh, I'm going to MISS having you close to me in this way..

Your dad has been SO helpful.. making sure I'm fed, trying to keep me distracted from obsessing over when you're coming & helping me practice breathing/stretches for your birth! I'm beyond blessed to have him.. & so are you!

You still seem to share my DEEP love for breakfast food.. because we seem to somehow be eating it even MORE now!!

You might just come out of the womb asking for protein pancakes, turkey bacon & yogurt bowls :)

We're alssssooooooo experiencing a slightly less healthy hankering for Ben & Jerry's ice cream.

Let's hope you don't have my sweet tooth!!

So what does the week before your due date look like?

Well.. it looks like lots of healthy food, lots of exercise & lots of rest.

I've been a bit LOW on energy during workouts, partially from OBSESSIVELY cleaning & because moving this belly around ain't easy anymore, so I started drinking a little natural, plant-based energy booster (aka "energize") to help me out. 

I have a feeling this stuff will be GOLD when we're in the sleep trenches of figuring you out & not getting any sleep :)

 Our sweet neighbors invited us to relax by their pool, so mama took them up on it finally!!

Putting on a bathing suit at 39 weeks pregnant sure was an adventure.

I wonder if your fur sisters know you're coming soon!!
Tannyn, the spotted one, has been extra snuggly with you & I lately.

I ordered them some fresh flowers for their collars before you meet them - they want to be spiffy for their baby sister's homecoming!!

Speaking of that, our plan is to bring home some of your hospital blankets for them to smell & sleep with before they officially meet you.

I wonder what that will be like!?!

We're all ready, baby girl!

 I just can't stop thinking about your arrival, peanut.

We pray for you multiple times a day.
We imagine seeing you the first time.
Holding you & kissing you.
What will you look like?
(besides your dad's twin, I'm sure)
What will your NAME finally be?
So many questions!!

Come soon, sweet thing.. mama's ready!

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