#MotivationMonday : My 9 Week Postpartum Progress


It's time for a progress update & a healthy little self shout out!

Here I am, two & a half weeks into my current program, and I'm celebrating FEELING more like myself..

I'm feeling stronger, less fluffy & a bit more confident in my skin.

Here's the deal 
I'm not doing anything fancy or grueling.

I'm simply sticking to my commitment, doing my best & using tools that work when I do.

Would you believe I've only lost 1 pound & 2 inches between these two photos??

.. the transformation that's happening in my body now is fat loss + muscle gain.

To heck with numbers dictating our progress.

As far as I'm concerned, THIS is progress I'm proud of 🙌🏻🙌🏻

((Current customers >> SEE why I tell you to snap progress photos!?))

So what's my routine?

1. I do a 25 minute program that requires no equipment, minimal space & can be streamed anywhere.

2. I eat balanced. I don't throw in the towel on the weekends. I FILL myself up with legit, tasty food. No calorie counting. No food skimping.

3. I drink something called shakeology every.single.day. It improves my gut health, decreases cravings & is a super convenient//healthy meal

4. I use an app that allows me to track my physical progress & log my daily activity.. it even reminds me when I haven't posted my workout or shake!

That's all.
It's challenging, yet super simple.

I modify often.
I treat myself occasionally.
I have accountability.
I'm getting results the healthy way 💃🏻

I might be flexing my core in that second photo on the right, BUT I'm SO encouraged to see definition coming in & muscle mass building.. yall. I HAVE a core to flex again 💪🏻🙌🏻😭


Want to know more about how you can get started too?
Email me at lindseykollar@yahoo.com or apply HERE for more info!

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