Moving Past the Negative Thoughts & Words of Others: I'm Back

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Hey, friends! It's been a long time since I've written a post like this.
Honestly, I've been MIA for a few months - only recently sharing a post from other social media platforms. My absence hasn't been entirely without good reason. In the past 4+ weeks, we've shipped our entire life to Guam, moved out of our home from the past three years, moved into a small local rental & are coordinating the final pieces of our overseas move next month. BUT, that's not the only reason I've been away.

I've gotta be honest with all of you.. Like I always am here.

While I consider myself to have some fairly thick skin when it comes to the thoughts & words of other people regarding myself, I have STRUGGLED this year with negative comments on my blog posts. While I know that 99% of my readers truly enjoy the content I share here & my heart behind the words I write, the majority of the comments I actually receive on my blog posts are from the 1% of people who don't.

Here's what I've had to really remember as I've prepared myself to come back here & write again.

And I hope that these thoughts will speak to you if you need to hear them for your own reasons!

1. Your life, mess & message is a GIFT to others!

This is MY blog. This is MY place to share my heart. To speak from my own experience. ALWAYS in the hopes of it inspiring, encouraging, empowering & even ministering to the women who need it -- MY people. It's not "self absorbed" to write about my journey here, right? Because the blog name is Lindsey Ghoens. And if I wrote about everyone else's opinions or journeys, it just wouldn't be genuine.

If YOU have a platform in which you've felt compelled or called to share very personal pieces of your life, thoughts or experiences - don't you DARE stop. You have a MESSAGE & story so important to share. Because only YOU have lived your life. And you have NO clue who you are meant to encourage.

So be brave.
Speak & share with purpose.
Even if you don't know yet what it is.

God has given me the amateur gift of writing.
He has loved, redeemed & provided for me.
He's walked me through the many mountains & valleys of my young but full life.
I believe deep in my heart that part of my purpose is to love on & connect with women here.
I'm clinging to that!

2. It's actually about THEM, forgive & see the need

People who have something negative to say here have clearly read something that struck a cord or a nerve.

Ever heard the phrase "hurting people hurt people?"

Well it's true, but here's what I think has happened here..

Hurting or yearning people usually try to knock others down - UNintentionally.
I don't think the people who have come here to criticize me are malicious in any way.
I just think they're have some sort of need in their life. And that's okay. We've ALL been there in some way, at one point or another!

So if you're one of the people who has taken time out of your day in 2018 to write something less than edifying here, know that I'm not angry or upset with you. If you're aching for an inspiring community to be part of, a greater platform to connect with & serve others in your field of health/fitness/nutrition, a way to get consistent in your wellness journey or WHATEVER the case may be -- I am here for YOU.

I remember being in a place a long time ago where I saw the negative & felt overly critical, too. It's not a fun place to be. I'd love to help you brighten that light from within.

3. Check your heart, remember your calling & use it as fuel

There's nothing wrong with a little self reflection.. it's important, actually.

While we should always evaluate the weight of our words & let them leave our mouth (or fingertips) with peace, that's not always the case.

When we receive negative feedback from other, it's important to do a little heart check. Be critical of yourself only for a moment to be sure your motives & intentions are in the right place.

If they are, remember your calling.
Which is to share your life & testimony for the glory of God.
Be resolved.
And let that feedback be your fuel to keep going.
People are giving you feedback, negative included, because they're SEARCHING for something & they FOUND you.
Keep. Going.
Someone needs what you offer!

Okay, that's all for this morning.
My heart is lighter & my fingers are moving swiftly again.

I'd love to know what you'd like to see here on the blog.

Or even about an experience you've had in the past as you moved through hurt & come out the other side amazed at the purpose of it!!

Thanks for reading & for your support,

Monday's Reminder: Your FIGHT

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A little reminder for your Monday..
“You’re not in control of what life throws at you..
But you ARE in control of your fight..”
-Rachel Hollis 

Not fighting AGAINST what God ultimately is allowing.. but fighting THROUGH it.
Fighting with your daily effort.
Fighting past human, sinful & self limiting thoughts.
Fighting the lies the devil tells you.
Fighting your way to victory.

Because here’s the deal..
If God’s going to allow storms & trials & challenges & uncomfortable circumstances in your life..
{which, He does! Being a Christian certainly does NOT steer ya clear of “suffering”}
He IS going to equip you.
And He can guide you through it.

Be fuel and comforted by that today.
You can do ALL things because of Him!
So control the effort of your fight.

Working the Pockets : My Tip for Online Business Success

My team & I .. we talk OFTEN about how we work in the POCKETS of of our lives.
Your pockets?
You know.. Little windows of time we all have that we {my team & I} choose to use productively towards business growth.

You see, nearly ALL of us have:
Careers, families or a million other responsibilities that we juggle.
Some of even enjoy & thrive when being super busy, yet purposeful!
At the moment I was writing this, I was actually sending emails while nursing my baby to sleep. Time that I could have been mindlessly scrolling Pinterest or IG stories. This is a POCKET. And I’m werkin‘ it.

I can’t believe it’s been four years now of figuring out this business & how it fits with my life - through ALL the seasons & transitions we’ve been through. 
What a BLESSING that it’s been a constant for me!
I remember feeling stressed & stunted at my old job.
I remember feeling stuck in my schedule, without the freedom I craved.
I remember going through the motions & dreading Mondays.
I remember being 20+ pounds heavier, self conscious & discouraged that I wasn’t living up to my potential.
I remember thinking “I wish there was another way..” but not knowing exactly what that looked like for a young 20 something who hadn’t completed her degree yet.

And then this..
I stumbled upon this..

I took a giant leap.
NOT knowing what I was doing.
But full of faith that I'd figure it out.
Because I needed so desperately what it could offer me on so many levels. 
The fear of staying put was bigger than the fear of failing forward!

So hear me with this.
Because maybe you’re intrigued.
Or maybe you’re an eye rolling skeptic, reading for a “punch line” to joke or poke at.

if you are still someone that SCOFFS at working a business online, or recommending products that you love --- you truly gotta make a mindset shift, friend.
As cheesy as it sounds.. times have CHANGED.
Things are not what they once were.
And the opportunity in network marktingn& social commerce is REAL.
And I’m so glad I made the leap when I did!

I knew absolutely ZILCH about managing /growing my own business - or social media for that matter - four years ago when I said YES.

Simply put — I cared MORE about finding a wellness solution for myself and helping other along the way.

And like I remember the tough times in my past before I took this leap, I equally remember now the INCREDIBLE provision we’ve experienced (more than just financially) because of this coaching gig I started.

•coming home from my part time office job to spend time with my husband who was back from his third deployment
•helping pay off several debts
•being home with my daughter her ENTIRE first year + of life.. because of learning to WORK THE POCKETS

Four years
Loads of failing
But refusal to quit
And resilience to keep on


That’s what i have to show for.. & I’m so grateful!

You may still think “you do you, boo..” but at least do your research before you make a conclusive decision.

This opportunity - what we offer - the mission we’ve set out to tackle .. it’s not going anywhere. It’s GROWING.

So this is a great time to jump in.

I know this isn't for everyone. But, I BELIEVE it’s worth your consideration because of what’s possible!

What if you could _______.
Wouldn’t it be worth it!?
And could you afford NOT to try?

My job is more than helping people! Helping people get healthy andddd helping people build their version of success. I get to teach my team how to create opportunity!

My coach mentorship is open now & I’d love to chat with you about joining me! 

You have nothing to lose & so much to gain by giving this an honest shot.
So let’s TALK!  

Email me via OR complete this form & I'll contact YOU!

( PS : you will be successful if you do the daily work, stay teachable & implement training.. AND focusing on helping people!! Kapeesh!?)

Banana Oat Cookie Recipe: Healthy & Baby Led Weaning Friendly

When our daughter Rae was about 6 months old, we decided to begin introducing her to solid foods. We did so using the "Baby Led Weaning" technique. If you haven't heard of it before, give it a quick google. It's really fascinating!

In a nutshell, baby led weaning is intended to be a more "natural" approach to food introduction that skips purees/baby foods entirely & goes straight to solid foods from milk. All while following your baby's lead through the process & trusting their bodies/instincts. I could go on, but I won't. Ha.

After a few months of BLW, we had 3 structured meals built into Rae's day {in addition to breastfeeding}. But I was needing some snack ideas for those in between times or on-the-go days. So I began looking for healthy "snack" options that weren't puffs.

PS, we love us some puffs, but just like to have options.
No judgement here, fellow mamas!

Okay, on to the cookies..

Anyone else struggle with healthy snacks for their kiddos?
Well, that's how I was feeling when my older sister shared THIS recipe with me.

This recipe is a slight variation of the original recipe from Be sure to hop over there for some other awesome, healthy recipes!

Healthy Banana Oat Cookies


2 ripe bananas
1 cup of oats
(whatever oats you prefer, just not instant oats)
3 tablespoons of nut butter
*any other adds in you might want - such as dried fruit, nuts, spices, etc.
This will likely depend on the age of your child if you are making the cookies for them! Always consider the safety of your ingredients*

NOTE: you can make these without nut butter!


Preheat your oven to 350.

Mash the bananas in a bowl.
Then fold in the oats & nut butter.
And stir in any other add-in ingredients to the mixture.


I personally used chunky natural peanut butter & added chopped, dried blueberries & cinnamon in our cookies.

Drop mixture onto a cookie sheet or baking stone & bake for about 15 minutes. This recipe should make roughly 12 small cookies.

Cool after baking so they "set" before eating.
Store in the refrigerator.
They should keep for a few days!

We LOVED this recipe - not just for Raegan, but for ourselves too!

These are a PERFECT snack when you're on the go, needing something light pre/post workout or even as a healthy dessert alternative!

Also, the #frugalfelicia side of me really appreciates that you (1) use those bananas that are overly brown/soft/border line bad (2) can basically adjust the recipe to use whatever you have currently in your pantry.

Need a little more convincing to whip these up?

Picture this:
Double the recipe.
Split the banana/oat/nut butter mixture in half.
Stir in add ins of choice to each separate mixture.
meaning: make a selfish batch!!!!
Make 12 cookies for the kids with whatever THEY like..
& 12 cookies for mama with some gooey dark chocolate chips!!

Even better - make a batch of these & freeze them for the future!

I hope you enjoy these as much as we have.
And be sure to share in the comments whatever you try!!

Happy baking, friends!

Easy Prep Recipe: Spinach Salad with Sweet Potato, Chicken & Goat Cheese

Ever shy away from prepping ALL of your food for the week because you want something FRESH -- instead of endless containers of "left overs?"

While I don't personally relate to that.. gimme ALL the PREPPED food & left overs.. I DO love adding in some fresh salads to our weekly menus!!

What's sneaky about this recipe though is that some of it IS prepped ahead & the rest can be thrown together in a snap.

You're going to LOVE this!!

Spinach Salad
with Sweet Potato, Grilled Chicken & Goat Cheese

You can keep this super simple OR dress it up.
You can always make tweaks to YOUR taste & depending on the foods you have on hand!

This recipe was actually inspired by a couple of salads I ordered on our most recent trip to New Orleans last month. We has LOADS of yummy treats while we were there, so once a day I tried to squeeze in a load of greens to keep my tummy happy.

I made a couple of adjustments to make it simpler to throw together and healthier - stuff like less dressing, a lighter dressing & fewer "extra" toppings. You could certainly make this more rich though by dressing it up for a special occasion.

Okay here it is!
& I'm T E L L I N G you.. it's just too easy!


Sweet Potatoes
Goat Cheese
Lite Raspberry Vinaigrette
(or a vinaigrette of your choice)
Coconut Oil Spray
Dried Spices of your choice + Salt & Pepper


Start by grilling your chicken.

This is where part of our prep ahead came into play. We grilled enough chicken for the two of us plus our 11 month old daughter to eat for dinners all week! All we had to do each day was dice our servings, heat & top our salads!

We seasoned with himalayan salt, pepper, garlic & dried rosemary. Then grilled to perfection.

I think some other DELICIOUS protein alternatives would be grilled shrimp or salmon, depending on what you have or have the taste for! We'll be trying these soon for SURE.

While the chicken was grilling, I prepped a week's worth of sweet potatoes. I washed each potato very well & the cubed them into small, bite-sized pieces. I decided to leave the skin on for added texture, but you could certainly peel them (I only peel them for my daughter, Raegan). I sprayed our potatoes lightly with coconut oil & seasoned them with himalayan salt, pepper & dried garlic.

BEWARE: roasted sweet potato bites are like CANDY & you WILL want to snack on them while they're cooling.

When it came to the day OF & it was dinner time, assembly was easy peasy.

Make yourself a pretty little bed of spinach.
Layer a warm serving of grilled chicken & diced sweet potatoes.
Crumble goat cheese ALL over.
Drizzle with vinaigrette!

I personally LOVE this Skinny Girl Raspberry Vinaigrette

Some other tasty topping ideas?!

Toss on some chopped, toasted pecans or walnuts!
You could even sprinkle a few dried cranberries over the top.
OR a fresh alternative.. dice up some strawberries!

Not a huge fan of sweet potatoes?
Go for butternut squash.. also DELICIOUS!

Lastly, switch up your dressings & try another vinaigrette.

Anyone else hungry yet??

Alrighty, friends. That's all!
I TOLD you it was too easy.

If you try something different, be sure to share it with me.
I'm always on the hunt for anything quick, healthy & easy to prep a little ahead!

I hope you enjoy this prep ahead but fresh SALAD!

PS: For any of my followers who are on the "fixate" meal plan, this recipe as I have shared it before substitution suggestions is: 1 red, 1 yellow, 1 green, 1 blue & 1 orange if you measure out each ingredient before plating!

My Postpartum Transformation: 80 Day Obsession

80 day obsession, 80 day obsession results, postpartum fitness, breastfeeding, exercise while breastfeeding, postpartum progress, beachbody on demand

At exactly 7 months postpartum, I started a new chapter in my postpartum journey using a program called 80 Day Obsession.

After several months of fairly consistent exercise, & eating more conveniently or sporadically than clean or healthy, I felt that I had hit a plateau.

I felt STUCK in a body that I was incredibly PROUD of after a healthy pregnancy & natural childbirth, BUT one that felt so foreign to me in most other ways.

I deeply craved structure, confidence & a sense of familiarity with my routine + my body. Sure, I had made some physical (weightloss) progress since having my daughter in June 2017, but it didn't seem like a true reflection of what I felt I was capable of achieving.

I had just seen results from a close friend of mine who had completed the program around the same postpartum window I was in WHILE she was nursing & I knew I had to take the leap.

As a breastfeeding momma, I wanted to protect my supply above anything else. But my self confidence was certainly an important secondary concern. So, I signed up & ordered what I needed while we were traveling for Christmas. Then, I opened an accountability group online with about 20+ other women from across the country who decided to do the program with me. OH - my husband even took the plunge!

We were ALL in.

Shout out to my ever supportive husband, Nate! You're the best babe..

January 14th marked day one of this thirteen week OBSESSION with becoming my best self.

I had spent the week prior doing some introduction exercises that eased me into some of the movements & familiarized me with some of the equipment we were going to start using during the program - resistance loops & sliders.

I was SO so sore.

Like way more than I anticipated for 30 minute "intro" workouts.

But it got me excited because I realized that it was going to WORK for me if I really gave it my all & stuck with it!

The weekend prior to kicking off the program, I made a meal plan, grocery shopped & food prepped for the upcoming week.

Heads up to my breastfeeding mama friends out there reading this: I ate in "maintenance" instead of "weightloss" during this program to be sure I was eating enough calories to maintain my same milk production! Feel free to comment below if you're starting the program & want to know how to make meal plan adjustments if you're nursing!

We had EVERY meal prepared, snacks included.

Starting a meal plan that not only had me eating clean, but also on a timed schedule - I did NOT want to leave anything up to chance. I know that when I get "hangry" or rushed that I don't make the best food choices. Who's feeling me? Needless to say, we were completely prepared for our first week!

The other items that came in handy for me all 13 weeks of the program were my supplements (all of which fit in perfectly to the timed nutrition meal plan):

my daily dose of chocolate superfoods, a pre workout formula, a electrolyte blend & a post workout formula.

Shakeology is my daily superfood blend that tastes like dessert, but acts like 5 salads. It's nutrient DENSE, improves digestion, naturally aids in weightloss & curbs the sweet tooth! Not to mention, it was an easy, CONVENIENT meal I could count on every day!

The pre workout formula is called energize.
It's plant based & doesn't include lots of the harmful, icky ingredients you'd find in the majority of options you'd find in a GNC. I took this for EVERY single workout to boost my energy & endurance, plus to sharpen my focus & reaction time during exhausting workouts.

This supplement is actually one of the official sport nutrition supplements of the North American Iron Man!

The electrolyte blend is called hydrate.
Mamas, let me tell ya. This stuff was great during workouts, replenishing everything I was losing through sweat. BUT, it has also been great for my milk supply! Most sports drinks that lactation specialists will advise you to drink for your milk has a TON of sugar, artificial coloring, etc it. This stuff is golden!

Lastly, my post workout formula is called Recover.
It's made with a high quality whey protein & contains the BCAAs + some other ingredients that promotes muscle recovery while lessening soreness. 
This supplement is actually one of the official sport nutrition supplements of the North American Iron Man!

Moving on.

We streamed our workouts every day with our digital fitness library called Beachbody on Demand. Imagine a netflix for workouts with hundreds & hundreds of options.. that's basically what it is!

We knew how many variables there would be in life that we could NOT control for three months, so we decided to make a pretty big routine adjustment to minimize the chances of missing our daily workouts. We also didn't want to take away from family time OR our productive, work time during the day. ENTER early morning breakfast & workouts!

We started waking up around 5:15am to eat our pre-workout meal, drink our energize & head out to our garage for a 6am sweat session.

Those were some early and COLD mornings for a while!!
*they were also some GREAT moments of quality time for Nate & I*

But we persevered & got it done.
We even had some virtual workout buddies for a while!
Without a DOUBT, having people to LEAN on made a huge difference.
I felt empowered & surrounded by people who were in the trenches with me.

MAJOR shout out to my Gracefully OBSESSED ladies who helped get me through via our virtual accountability group!!

After my first month//phasewhich was definitely the hardest as I was detoxing & getting accustomed to the plan/routine, I was a BELIEVER. The "numbers" weren't flashy, but I was starting to feel & see a difference!

See the CHANGE for yourself!

80 day obsession, 80 day obsession results, postpartum fitness, breastfeeding, exercise while breastfeeding, postpartum progress, beachbody on demand

From 7 to 8 months postpartum, the obsession became real.
Not with weightloss.
Not with inches shed.
Not with abs.

..I became obsessed with the journey.

With seeing what I was made of.
With being my best for my family.
With setting an example for my daughter.
With feeling PROUD of myself & my efforts!

So I kicked off month//phase two.

The workouts were a "little" harder & while the meal plan stayed the same, we got REFEED DAYS!! What the heck are those? Well, besides a gift from God.. HA.. they're a day added to the schedule every two weeks to boost depleted glycogen levels before the intense leg day workouts.

Say hello to these goodies we got to eat every other week!

Having those refeed days was the MENTAL boost we needed to press on.
And honestly, having them to count down to made the rest of our time go by so quickly!

Peek at the chick pea brownie & chocolate peanut butter bites recipes via these links!!

The end of month//phase 2 brought me to nine months postpartum.
Hitting that milestone made me extra reflective on the fact that my daughter had officially outside the womb as long as she was inside.

I was reminded again of how amazing our bodies are. How wondrously God created them to nurture & birth life - then to recover while it continues to sustain our babies while breastfeeding.

So incredible!
Be PROUD of yourselves, mamas.
You were fearfully & wonderfully made.

80 day obsession, 80 day obsession results, postpartum fitness, breastfeeding, exercise while breastfeeding, postpartum progress, beachbody on demand

I was feeling STRONGER. More in control. & honored to be my sweet baby girl's daily inspiration!

The discipline that 80 Day Obsession was creating in my schedule, fitness & nutrition began seeping into other areas in my life. I felt determined & resilient. Which is kind of a big deal because when we got some hard, surprising news about moving across the pacific this fall - I didn't fall off track. Having 80 Day Obsession to focus on helped me work through those fears & feelings.. In the past, I would have probably given into SERIOUS anxiety + binged on sugar and wine. CHOOSE your outlet! Make it something productive.

Back to my official month//phase TWO progress photos.. check it out!

80 day obsession, 80 day obsession results, postpartum fitness, breastfeeding, exercise while breastfeeding, postpartum progress, beachbody on demand

 I wrapped up my eighth week of the program at the 9 pound weight loss mark!

Alright - let's talk about my FINAL month//phase (3) of the program.

At this point, our routine felt like second nature!

Cravings were gone & our bodies were operating in peak condition.
We welcomed the challenge that the new workouts brought each day/week.

We were determined to finish S T R O N G.. as a team!


I'm going to let y'all in on a little secret.
These workouts have you training like an ATHLETE.
But the meal plan.. oh the meal plan makes SUCH a difference.

When you follow the timed nutrition & eat approved foods, you're literally priming your body for change.

Three of these last four weeks did NOT produce a numerical change that I could document. It DID, however, really start to transform my body mass.

My "mom bod" is usually SUPER soft.
Who's feelin me?

And while it mainly depends on if I'm engaging muscles or what position I'm in, I noticed a MAJOR change in how toned my body was starting to look!

You can NOT out train a mediocre or poor diet.

If you're going to invest the time into this program - you better do it ALL the WAY if you want big results!!

80 day obsession, 80 day obsession results, postpartum fitness, breastfeeding, exercise while breastfeeding, postpartum progress, beachbody on demand

I remember the day we finished week 12/13.
What a REWARDING feeling.
A feeling of being unstoppable.

We weren't done yet though.
We still had PEAK week.

Had I not been nursing, I would have done a carb deplete to really maximize my results & lean up (which the meal plan teaches you how to do!)

BUT, since I still wasn't ready to "risk" my milk supply dropping at nearly 10 months postpartum, I followed the training plan but stuck with my existing nutrition routine.

It was actually really fun to spend the week doing workouts from each of the three phases we had completed!!

Victory was so close we could nearly taste it.. or maybe we were tasting imaginary cheeseburgers. HA

Sure enough..

On Saturday, April 14th we GRADUATED!

80 day obsession, 80 day obsession results, postpartum fitness, breastfeeding, exercise while breastfeeding, postpartum progress, beachbody on demand

We celebrated around 10pm that night with some ice-cream in bed (ben & jerry's forEVER!!) & then hit the sack for a different type of early morning.

The next day, we celebrated by taking off for a family trip to MEXICO.. courtesy of helping people in their health & fitness journey in 2017.
One of the awesome perks of being a beachbody coach!

Oh.. Did I mention this gig is my job?
Because it sure IS!

Being my BEST, strongest self.
Positively influencing my family.
Encouraging others.

It's how I help pay the bills.
And it's the bomb diggity.

Email to find out more!

I'm so grateful for 80 Day Obsession.
It was the change I needed in my postpartum journey in SO many ways.

My final results were..
10.5 inches GONE & 11 pounds DOWN.

80 day obsession, 80 day obsession results, postpartum fitness, breastfeeding, exercise while breastfeeding, postpartum progress, beachbody on demand

80 day obsession, 80 day obsession results, postpartum fitness, breastfeeding, exercise while breastfeeding, postpartum progress, beachbody on demand

80 day obsession, 80 day obsession results, postpartum fitness, breastfeeding, exercise while breastfeeding, postpartum progress, beachbody on demand

80 day obsession, 80 day obsession results, postpartum fitness, breastfeeding, exercise while breastfeeding, postpartum progress, beachbody on demand

80 day obsession, 80 day obsession results, postpartum fitness, breastfeeding, exercise while breastfeeding, postpartum progress, beachbody on demand

80 day obsession, 80 day obsession results, postpartum fitness, breastfeeding, exercise while breastfeeding, postpartum progress, beachbody on demand

I was actually "smaller" after 80 Day Obsession than my pre-baby body! Although HEAR ME when I say that certain areas were & are still very different.
And that's A-OKAY!

Weight & inches lost aside..

I GAINED in a major way from this program too.

I gained so much confidence.
I gained mental strength.
I gained physical - specifically CORE strength - FINALLY.
I gained disciplined & daily routine.

And those things, the things that can't be measured by scales or BMI..
Even down to being able to comfortable tuck my shirt into my pants..
Or wear a bathing suit without being afraid to eat or drink or lean over!

Those were the REAL victories for me!

Here's the FINAL thing I want to leave you with though.
And YES - I'm going to say "if I can do this, YOU can too.."

But I need you to know that this is truly doable!
I know you might be reading this blog & thinking that it's too intense. Or maybe just too much work with everything you have to juggle.

But there were SO many un-photographed moments during our 13 weeks where we ate steamed broccoli right out of the bag, hit PAUSE on our workouts multiple times thinking how done with it we felt & thought about hitting snooze to skip a workout after being up all night with the baby..

Where there's a WILL {or want}, there's a WAY though.
Am I right?!

Here's the honest truth!

Is it hard?
Definitely - but you WILL get stronger & you CAN modify as needed!

Does it require DAILY work & effort?
100% - but that's what makes it so rewarding & even produces LIFESTYLE changes!

Does it require planning?
You bet it does - but you'll come to appreciate the planning & realize that it saves time in the long run.

80 Day Obsession isn't for the faint of heart.

It's for those with a fierce or desperate heart for change in their lives or bodies - to be better than yesterday!

& with a mind determined to keep going no matter what.

Because it's NOT an overnight, quick fix, y'all.

It's an OBSESSION with the journey & with the PROCESS of getting healthy from the inside-out!

If you want to start this program, simply email me at

I'll even send you information on how you can work through the program in one of my private, virtual accountability groups where I share meal plans, recipes & more!

I promise - if I can do this, you can to.
You're stronger than you know!

Time to get OBSESSED

Please remember, friends: I'm sharing MY journey & experience here on my blog & am wanting to encourage YOU to care for & challenge yourself. I am not a personal trainer, nutritionist or physician. It is ALWAYS important to consult with your practitioners for individualized recommendations with your health, prenatal or postpartum care, etc. Be your BEST you!!