26 Year Old, Work from HOME Mom

I sure have spent a LOT of time in this office the past week, putting in some LATE hours as I get organized & prepare my business//team to unplug quite a bit when this baby comes.

I'm B E Y O N D overwhelmed with gratitude to be in the profession I am.


Im going to be a 26 year old work from HOME mom any day now.

Putting in the hours when it will work for MY family.. even if it's middle of the night power pockets from my phone while feeding the babe.

Unplugging completely to soak up precious moments without feeling bad about it (oh & still getting paid, by the way).

Not having to worry about finding someone to keep my little one to go back to an office after a few short weeks at home.

The list of reasons.. the FREEDOM I have.. 

I just never imagined we'd have this option or that it would be a decision we could make with such confidence & total peace!

You better believe I'm making sacrifices & working hard - and will continue to do so - but not at the expense of missing out on what matters to me.

Thank you, Jesus.. for coaching.
For this business.
For this company to partner with.
For my team.
For the people I get to help.

This is why I so passionately share about what I do & invite others (maybe even YOU at some point in the past or the in the future) to join me.

Because if this is such a blessing in my own life - I simply can't imagine what it could mean for someone else!!

Want to know more?
Email me at lindseykollar@yahoo.com

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