Growing Ghoens: Week 38 Bump Date

Well hey there, PUMPKIN!!! We're 38 weeks along now!

Are you as ready as I am to be together or are you super comfy in my belly?

We're all so ready for you to arrive, little one. Our sweet friends down here are doing everything they can to help us prepare for your big appearance.. from bringing dinner over to visiting us to a girls night in to pass the time.. they're trying to help distract our minds from counting down the minutes remaining of this pregnancy!!

Thanks, Hollen & Josh for dinner this week!!!

Your daddy has stepped it UP this week - taking extra good care of us!!

He's cooked dinner, made healthy treats (protein cookie cake!! recipe on my FB page from Kodiak Cakes), helped clean, run some last minute errands, massaged my back & rubbed my feet. Not to mention LOTS of last minute reading so he can be my helper during your birth! He even finished reading you the book of Genesis this week. We are SO blessed to have this guy around!!

Your mama did something pretty cool this week too. I FINALLY finished my 90 day strength training program & am OFFICIALLY a Chalene Extreme graduate. I'll post more about what this means later, but I am SO proud of being able to complete this while carrying you. I'm praying this hard work will make bringing you into the world & taking care of you easier - because I've taken care of ME & provided you with a really healthy environment to grow in.

I can't wait to workout with you & teach you how to live an EXCITING, healthy life as you grow up!

Here's one of the meals your dad whipped up this week - I've LOVED "pasta" this pregnancy. So we make veggie noodles with turkey sauce all the time. I also ate a TON of broccoli this week.. it just sounded EXTRA good for some reason :)

And while I've indulged a couple of days on some ice-cream, I've kept my sweet tooth primarily happy with our chocolate flavored superfoods/prenatal shake!!

One night, I actually mixed it with peanut butter, a little water & chopped strawberries - it was like a RICH pudding & tasted delicious. I know it doesn't LOOK that appealing, but I promise it was good. Trying my hardest to make plenty of healthy choices that outweigh our little treats here & there!

That's about it for the week! Because your dad was such a big help, mama put in some LONG hours in her office getting things with the business & our #GracefullyBalanced team situated so that I can unplug when you arrive. I promise, I'll have everything in order before you get here so I can spend all my time snuggling you & getting to know you!

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