Growing Ghoens: Week 37 Bump Date

37 Weeks!!! Check out that precious belly.

I've been watching it like a H A W K  to see if it's dropping any lower.

 We had an ultrasound with our midwife this week & while little miss still wouldn't let us see her whole face, we did get a glimpse at her SWEET profile. I just NEVER gets old.

Her daddy & I kind of love that she's staying a bit of a mystery to us!

She officially said that this sweet girl can come ANYTIME without issue & to go with the flow. She explained to Nate the stages of labor & encouraged us to stay home as long as possible because it will be more "comfortable" to labor here.

Talk about WILD getting those instructions.

This peanut is measuring around 6 pounds now & on the teeny side. We'll see if she stays that way over the next few weeks!

This mama took some time to meet with a friend - the oh so talented Brenna Kneiss who took our maternity photos - for breakfast this week.

We went to this adorable little coffee shop in Alys Beach called Fonville Press. I'm definitely going to be taking Nate here for a coffee or lunch date sometime!

These little pumpkins//big sisters got new memory foam mattresses this week.. which they LOVE. I think they're under the impression that we were just spoiling them with a new place to cuddle up. Little do they know that this will be their new sleeping location for a while after baby girl arrives.

Workouts are still going well - challenging as always - but good!! Only TWO weeks left of this Chalene Extreme program before I'm a 90 day graduate!! Woo Woo!!!

Nate had the day off on Friday, so we met up with my parents & took the kayaks out. We started out in Lake Powell & paddled over to Inlet Beach for a few hours. My mom & Nate dug this belly a hole so I could lay on my tummy.. for the first time in MONTHS. It was so nice!

Papa Bear finished baby bear's shelves this week - and they're hung up now in her room!! Aside from filling a few frames, her room is officially DONE!! And we absolutely love it.. I'll do a blog post tour of it soon!

In the spirit of transparency, here's a little synopsis of my progress as of this week:

- gained 28 pounds
- wearing only stretchy dresses when I leave the house
- wearing shorts and sports bra only at home.. HA
- dark circles/bag under eyes first half of the day
- mostly clear skin, but pregnancy glow seems to have dimmed a bit
- no swelling in feet.. praise the Lord!
- insomnia like normal
- achy legs

From what I've read, I'm right on track!! No complaints here:) 

 Read through the book of Galatians this week with my accountability group - my faith keeps me so grounded. Waiting on the Lord now, as always, in this season of wait.

Not my timing, but Yours, Jesus!
Trusting YOU to know when your masterpiece is ready for us to see.

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