#TransformationTuesday had me a little nostalgic yesterday, thinking back to the various programs I've completed & how each of them have changed my body in a different way.

These photos are only 8 weeks apart >> from that time I completed a program that only took me 22 minutes a day.

Seriously. 22 Minutes.

Think about that. I worked out 6 days a week for less than 30 minutes a day, eating healthy & drinking a shake that tastes like dessert. And this happened.

You know what's cool about THIS specific transformation??

I only lost 5 pounds, but I almost lost 10 inches all over my body.

You see, the scale isn't everything. But how we fit into our clothes, how STRONG we feel & how our body mass changes >> THAT'S what counts!!

And you know what's encouraging to me? THIS I can handle when baby girl comes. Pressing play & taking 30 minutes or less to get it done, without having to leave the house or finding someone to watch her. This I can & WILL do.

You see, there's a solution for all fitness levels, schedules & seasons of life. I'm confident moving forward and INSPIRED to take on a new challenge, because I know I have the tools that are going to help me get there.

Today, I'm my own #PostPartumGoals

So whether you're expecting, have a little one or two (or more) running around, are already active but need to step up your game or simply want to try something NEW >> I've got a challenge for you. Keep reading!

If I could help you lose up to 15lbs in June &//OR July - - just in time for SUMMER - - by following a simple clean eating plan & pushing PLAY on your 30 minute workout from home - - would you be interested in learning more?!

Did I mention that I'll be there to coach, support & encourage you the whole way? Yep, Check in with me via a super simple APP right on your phone & log your fitness activities / victories for each of the monthly challenges I'm hosting!

SIMPLIFYING fitness + nutrition is my JAM! So trust me when I tell you that these program & this app is - streamlined!

Fill out THIS application if you'd like some more info!


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