A letter to my sweet girl

Oh my, sweet sweet girl.

I'm not sure exactly what to say to you that can fully explain how I feel as I await your arrival.

Your momma feels WONDER, joy, fullness, uncertainty, purpose, happiness, excitement, humility, anxiousness, responsibility, protective, LOVE, apprehension, eagerness, anticipation & a whole lot more.

It seems like just yesterday we were trying for you. Celebrating a positive test. Praying over our initial lab work. Awaiting your first ultrasound. Praising Jesus over your little heart beat. Counting down to your gender reveal. Arriving at the halfway point. Dreaming up your nursery. Assembling your crib. And fervently surrendering your development to Jesus.

Now we're less than 2 weeks from your due date. Aware you could surprise us at any time. Wondering if we're eating dinner, going to bed, waking up, etc the last time as a family of two. Overwhelmed by the excitement that lies before us, but fully aware of the responsibility God has given us to raise you. And what a privilege it is.

You're not here yet & we couldn't be more honored to be the ones chosen as your parents.

To shepherd your heart.
To nurture your spirit.
To watch you grow.
To love you.
To teach you about Jesus.

To watch you hopefully surrender your life to Him at a young age.
And live a life of purpose for His glory.

Your daddy & I, we would have never dreamed this up. Or have imagined that we would have these feelings about raising a family. We went so many years living out our own plans - not realizing God would change our hearts so drastically. And that a desire so strong to grow our family would burn inside each of us.

I think my heart might explode meeting you, little one.
Seeing the miracle that you are, finally in the flesh.
Watching you wiggle & squirm.
Seeing the qualities of your dad & I in you.
Discovering the love of being a parent.
Experiencing the ups & downs that come with it.
Realizing that God is going to draw us close to Him in the process.


We're on the precipice of something wonderful.
And I have butterflies.

Come soon, sweet one.

We love you!!

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