Growing Ghoens: Week 33 Bump Date

Oofta.. thirty-three weeks!!

You & mama are growing every single week, little one.

Your daddy & I have been spending extra time lately with your fur-sisters since all of our focus will be on you in a few weeks! 

Sunday afternoons we love to cuddle for a while after church - we can't wait to snuggle up with you too!

Moose & Tannyn know that things around here are changing, but gosh we can't wait to see how curious your smells & noises make them. Some of our good friends came over this week with their little baby & your sisters loved getting to visit.

Mama kept up with her workouts this week. I officially finished SEVEN straight weeks of strength training with Chalene Extreme!! Although, a couple of the cardio routines were making my tummy tighten LOTS so I drank extra water & took some breaks to make sure that you stay in there cooking as long as possible. These workouts are keeping my body healthy & get stronger so I can take extra good care of you, pumpkin!

Since you're growing so much, I'm EXTRA hungry. So right now we eat almost every hour & a half! And because you're growing so much, I'm extra sleepy. I actually had to cheat a little this week & indulge on some caffeine for a pick me up. Did that little kick make you ping off the walls in there? Our new favorite drink is the coconut milk macchiato.. #heavenly

We have been chipping away at our list of to do items before you arrive.. writing our birth "plan," stocking diaper bags, getting the rest of your registry items, picking up stuff for our hospital bags, making a list of freezer meals to whip up, writing our wills & so on. Almost there!!

I also made about 26 of these on Friday.. I'll tell you more about them one day, baby girl. But basically, they're going to help momma heal up quicker after you arrive! I've heard these gems make ALL the difference for new mommies. Never thought I'd have these items on the counter and in our deep freezer. I guess that's mom life now :)

This house is full of SO many precious little baby items & girly things now. Your aunt Brittany actually sent you a box of frilly, sparkly, puppy goodies this weekend. Every time your dad & I fold your laundry & put stuff away in your closet//bathroom, things get more & more surreal. You're really coming!!

 We're ready for you, sweet heart.
Whenever God decides that it's time for you to come.

T-Minus 7(ish) weeks!

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