Growing Ghoens: Week 32 Bump Date

You know what 32 weeks means!? We're EIGHT months pregnant, y'all!!

Holy SMOKIES! Everyone keeps telling me that things are going to start slowing down anytime now, but your dad & I both feel like time is still FLYING by!

Baby girl, how do YOU feel in there? Apparently you have your eyes open all the time, see light & are starting to pack on a bit of fat!! I can't wait to smooch your cheeks, arms, legs, hands, belly & feet!!

Alright. So week 32 kicked off on Easter SUNDAY, which was super special. We celebrated serving our risen, LIVING Savior with our friends in Tennessee by going to church together & then enjoying a really beautiful brunch.

This is just a SMALL snap shot of the tasty spread we partook in!

A couple days after we came home from our TN trip, we had the honor of attending a graduation ceremony for a couple of our friends who are now officially co-workers of Nate. Although we only got to be near them for a short season, I'm so grateful for the special friendships we've been able to create & the moments we've had to soak up together.

You know who you are - we love you guys SO much, are praying for this next adventure ahead of your families & hope our paths cross again down the road!! GOOD LUCK you guys!

Then - we went to see our midwife again. Everything sounds//looks like we're right on track & we've only got one more bi-weekly appointment before we start going weekly. WHAT!?

Side note.. do you know how grateful I am that (1) this guy has been available to go to every appointment with me (2) he WANTS to go - even when I try to tell him he doesn't necessarily need to. It means so much to me that he wants to be as involved as he is. I don't know what I'd do without his unwavering support.

Love you, tots! You're going to be.. no, you ARE the best papa bear!

I have to tell you guys..

Baby girl DEFINITELY has my taste buds, from what I can tell so far.

Mexican 5 times & breakfast daily, plus anytime I could squeeze it in besides during the mornings.. these are our two favorite food groups!!

See this belly, you guys!? We're POPPING more & more each week..

Little girl & I have been cranking out our workouts, like normal, & are HALFWAY through this push phase of Chalene Extreme. I can still handle the heavy weights, but my squats definitely aren't as deep as they were before. My belly catches my thighs pretty early on the way down now. So wild!

Not letting anything stop us though..
We're in this until the end, right girl? Doing our very best with every bodily change that comes our way as you grow big & strong!

Baby G, your fur sisters LOVE being in your room now. They like to smell everything we put in there.. and I think they MIGHT be a little jealous of all the cool toys we put in there. Tannyn, the spotted one, actually has been taking little naps beside your crib when I accidentally leave the door to your room open. It melts my heart because I'm pretty sure you two are going to be best buds!

OH! You know what else?
Momma's breast pump came in this week.
Talk about OVERWHELMING pulling out each item & having no clue how to use them!! I actually face-timed with your aunt Lauren so she could tell me what each piece was!

Thanks, sis, for calming me down & sharing your knowledge with me.

At the end of the week, mama & papa bear decided to spend some time outside!

 We know that things will be very different once you join us, so we're making time for a few of our hobbies now!! I can't wait for you to be big enough to do these things with us though. I was thinking about one day getting to strap you to my chest when we go on hikes, sitting with you under a tent on the beach & playing in the sand or holding you one day when we go out on the water.

Your daddy & I LOVE adventures - I have no doubt that you will be one of our greatest!!

After our time outdoors, we treated ourselves to some FRESH, tasty seafood. I've been cravings some crab & shrimp for a while now, so we finally made it happen.

It was such a WONDERFUL week, little one.

Even though I'm tired. Even though I'm getting pretty uncomfortable (achy back & ribs galore).. I still cherish ALL of your kicks, wiggles & squirms. I love you so much, little pumpkin!!

We'll see you in a few weeks!

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