Growing Ghoens: Week 30 Bump Date

Here we are.. at week 30!!

Where has the time gone, little one?
Although it seems to be absolutely flying by, I'm told that this last little stretch will start to crawl as we anxiously await your arrival.. & as you get BIG//I get huge. I guess we'll see!

So what were we up to this week?

Well for starters, we officially finished the first 30 day block (called BURN) of Chalene Extreme. This is the weight training program that I started 5 weeks ago! After a rocky first week from missing two workouts & fully recommitting week two, I'm happy to say that we rocked it out STRAIGHT through the rest of the time & didn't miss a beat.

We got in every workout!
DESPITE the ever changing body.
Despite traveling to DC & being in a hotel.
Despite having company.
Despite all the days I felt too tired.

Gosh, is that a rewarding feeling!! I always tell my new clients to stick it out & grasp onto the vision of what it will feel like to FINISH. Holding onto that is what helps keep the fire lit within on the days that life is trying to dim your potential.

Shout out to the Gracefully Balanced monthly accountability groups that helped keep me motivate enough to finish as well! You ladies mean more to me than you know!! This tribe is the best!!

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We're also in that "stage" of pregnancy that I'm hungry ALL the time. I can't eat huge meals because of the lack of space, but you better believe this girl is eating now every two hours or even less sometimes. I've been trying to find lots of healthy options to avoid guilty-binging & excessive weight gain. No "eating for two" or "I'll just work it off later" excuses over here.

So here's a glimpse of what I ate this week.. NOT including my weekend splurge at my shower + family lunch on Sunday. Don't worry, there's still an 80/20 balance going on, y'all!

Breakfast (protein pancakes + eggs)
BIG salads

Fruit salad (strawberries + kiwi is my JAM)

This delicious oaxaca bowl from a local healthy restaurant called "freshii."

PS: There's a little bed of kale & brown rice underneath all of those toppings. Need to figure out how to make this at home!!

OH! And I took some time to meal prep on Monday. I made 12 meals in about an hour.. turkey burgers with a squash, zucchini & mushroom mix + asian chicken with broccoli & roasted carrots. SO SO good & saved me many times from getting hungry!

During our 30 week checkin at the OB's office, we got to meet a third midwife who was SUCH a doll. While we missed our normal provider, it's nice meeting the other women who could potentially be on call depending on which day you decide to come, sweetie. We're measuring on track & you're head down for now!! We'll see if you stay that way :)

Momma has officially gained about 18 pounds & everyone seems to be really happy with where we're at!

Overall this week, we were mostly hunkered down in the home office.. finalizing our April accountability group, planning our month out, welcoming 2 new coaches to the Gracefully Balanced team & prepping for an exciting new push group I was working to be selected for. At the end of the week's hustle, it was BABY SHOWER time though!!

My mom & oldest sister threw the sweetest brunch shower for us complete with miniature pancake stacks, fruit/yogurt parfaits & a breakfast burrito bar. It was so special & we were beyond blessed by all of our friends who attended & those who sent us something special from afar!

Little girl, you are LOVED!

While we still have SO much to do in these next ten(ish) weeks & are going to hustle to knock it all out, I'm determined to soak up all of these precious moments.

The last few weeks of having you close to me in this way & all to myself.

The last few weeks of your daddy putting his hand on my belly in the mornings to feel you wake me up.

The last few nights we stay up to talk about life once you're here & the moments we just sit in your room in wonder.

The last few weekends of your daddy & I being alone with just your fur sisters.

This season we've been in for the past 8+ years together has been so very special. This time I've had all alone with your daddy (even while we were waiting for you) I would never ever change.

But we're ready for this next adventure.
We're ready for you to join us.
And we're ready to see what God has in store for all of us moving forward!

So here's to single digit week countdowns (unless of course you come late.. and you better believe we're all betting on certain dates! So make your momma a winner! ha).

We love you, sweet girl!

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