Growing Ghoens: Week 29 Bump Date

Week TWENTY-NINE kicked off while we were still away as a family in DC.

The purpose of our trip away was to lay my grandparents to rest in Arlington. The service while we were there was absolutely beautiful & a memorable experience that I will never forget. It was amazing to see both my grandfather & grandmother honored as patriots.. they sacrificed SO much over the course of their lives for our country.

Before & after the ceremony though we did lots of activities together as a family including lunches & dinners at some awesome restaurants, Smithsonian trips, checking out the Supreme Court, visiting the Holocaust museum & spending the evening hours in each other's rooms hanging out!

Right after the memorial service.

Our AMAZING dinners at Founder Farmers!!

Touristy photos with my parents.

Having my morning shake & working out in our room. Thanks to Beachbody on Demand's all access membership, I was able to stream my workout straight to my room! No missing a beat in my Chalene Extreme program!

The rooftop view from our hotel where we had take out for dinner one night!


Entertaining ourselves while we were stuck on the train one night for an hour and a half!

Our flight adventures coming home. Surprise surprise. We were ALL obsessed with my niece Finley!!

The day after we got home from our trip, we hustled to prep our house for some guests!! We unpacked, cleaned & grocery shopped like crazy people. Within 24 hours, Jeff, Uli & Aspen arrived to spend the weekend with us after missing them for 4 months!

We made a trip down to the beach.

Had a Saturday morning family run/bike ride!

Watched some final four basketball.

Took them to our FAVE breakfast joint down here (the Donut Hole).

Then said "see you soon" until we go see them for Easter!

We also wrapped up week 29 with our first BABY SHOWER!! This fun, thoughtful, coed shower was hosted by a couple of gals from my discipleship group. The couples from our small group & church really loved on us & blessed our baby girl!

Big thanks to Hollen & Taylor for a special night.

Mexican food + red velvet doughnuts + a couple competitive games.

Y'all know me so well!!

Here's to week THIRTY coming up.. stay tuned :)

Before we know it, our sweet girl will be here!!

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