Growing Ghoens: Week 28 Bump Date

This 28 Week bump date means we've officially entered our THIRD trimester!! Only twelve-ish more weeks until we get to meet you, little one.

This week FLEW by!! Between our normal work & exercise routine PLUS heading to appointments & getting ready to head to DC, we sure were busy..

Here was our week in pictures:

First of all, I'm happy to say that the first couple days of this week that we KICKED this nasty cold with lots of (mostly) natural remedies:

Water. Extra Vitamin C. Shakeology. Hot Tea. Honey. RAW Garlic (yes, we ate it!), Lavender + Eucalyptus essential oils + Vicks Vapor Diffuser + Antiseptic throat spray the one really BAD night we couldn't sleep.

It worked!!
Praise the Lord.

You know what we ate this week?

Breakfast foods, veggie noodles, chocolate + peanut butter shakeology & fried chicken salads!!

Oh, we're still reading through 1 Samuel also.. feeling so convicted this week over the strong word received.

The crib finally arrived!! Your dad got it situated & anchored to the wall to keep you safe. Time to DECORATE your room now.. next up, a custom sign from a local small business owner. And then hopefully some wall shelves.

You got the most PRECIOUS set of veggie onesies from mama's friend, Courtney. I can't wait to snap you into these!!

We knocked out another week of Chalene Extreme.

We upped our weights a little & are feeling stronger every day! These arms are baby holding ready, little girl!

 A few nights this week, Nate started practicing some massages to use while I'm in labor. He's such a good daddy!

Before we left town, we got a couple of doctor appointments in. Friday, I had my glucose test with our midwife. Fingers crossed that we passed! Apparently no news is good news. So I'm hoping we don't hear from them until our next appointment!

OH!! And we placed our order for the breast pump. Talk about surreal moments. Praying currently that we're able to breast feed without any major issues or complications. I want you to have the healthiest food supply, pumpkin!

Finally, we headed out to DC with the family. It was a LONG but fun-filled day of travel on Saturday. These are some of my favorite people to be around and I just adore each of them.. I know you will too!

Tuesday we get to lay Grandma & Grandpa Kollar to rest in Arlington. I'll be sure to share about that part of the trip + everything else we did next week on our week 29 bump date.

Here's a snap shot of where we are kicking off our FINAL trimester!! I'm excited to see how it compares towards the end!

Latest Progress:

Feeling HICCUPS!!
Dresser delivered for nursery & stocked full of 0-3 month hand-me-downs
Papa bear started practicing massages for labor

Weight Gain thus far:

16 pounds..
hips and ribs are spreading! Still working out 5 days a week

Currently Reading:

Ina May's Guide to Childbirth
1 Samuel + First 5 daily devotional

Currently "Craving":

Fried chicken salad with ranch dressing
Honey graham crackers
Diet Dr Pepper
Veggie Noodles
Green Apples

Major moments of the week:

Doctor Appointments
Glucose Test
Traveling to DC

Upcoming TO DOs:

Find a doula
Interview pediatricians
Schedule our maternity photo shoot
Practice breathing more often
Start working on our will

Time is ticking away.. so that's all for now!!
Thanks for keeping up with us, friends.

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