Growing Ghoens: Week 26 Bump Date

#26Weeks = six & a half months

That's how long we've been hanging out together, baby girl!
I've gotten so used to having you around as my little buddy.
Spending every moment together.

Knowing you're in my belly makes me feel like you're safe.
Your kicks & squirms reassure my heart.

So when I didn't feel you for over half a day last Monday, my heart sunk.
I was overcome with worry.

Knowing that God created my body to be a home for you to grow in.
But being aware that there's nothing special I can do to keep you safe.
.. that's hard to accept sometimes.

I told your daddy about how fearful I was. And that I was really trying to surrender my feelings to the Lord.

You know what he did?
He prayed for us. Touching my belly.
Giving it all to Jesus.

..your daddy is the best.

Over the next several hours, I tried everything I could think of to get some wiggles from you.

laying in every position I could think of // reading the bible to you // praying with you // squishing my belly // eating breakfast // drinking ice water // having some sugar

None of them seemed to work.
So we decided it was safest to call the Doctor & see what they said.

They asked me to come in right away for an NST (non stress test).
Of course, as SOON as I pulled into the OBGYN parking lot, I began to feel you squirm for the first time in what felt like forever.

I told the nurse, but she said we needed to check on you anyways.
I sat back in a recliner & the nurse found your heartbeat.
Oh sweet girl, that is one of my favorite sounds.
She gave me a "clicker" & told me to press the button anytime I THOUGHT I felt you move..

We sat there for about 30 minutes before we saw the midwife.
She looked at the results, your heart rate pattern & gave me a quick exam.
She encouraged me to follow my gut with moments like those & told me I did the right thing calling/coming in.
She then told me that everything seemed just fine!

What a sense of relief!
Thank you, Jesus.

Last week kicked off my latest bible study through the book of 1 Samuel. It was such a timely serious of readings with life's happenings as of late - between my dear friend patiently waiting for answers with her health & the women I've been getting to know who are in a season of wait for a baby.

Let me encourage you.. if this is you!
Download the First 5 app & start this study with me.
WOW, such a powerful message.

On another note, this week was officially the start of my little sister Leigh Ann's WEDDING WEEK!! She came over on Tuesday to finish some last minute details & spend some time together before she moves to Mississippi.

We played some cards, practiced wedding dances while we worked on a playlist, ran some errands & went to dinner. These two are a riot together!! If you follow me on Facebook, I'm sure you saw their dance off :) 

This week was pretty great in terms of nutrition!
I took some time to food prep, whipped up some yummy salads & made great snack choices.

Can I just say how much I love kiwi with the skin on now?
So surprising because I was weirded out the first time I tried it!!

Being in another online challenge/accountability group helps me SO much with staying on track. I'm so excited about the 16 women in my #GBMarchChallenge who are working out, drinking shakeology & eating healthy alongside me.

If you want information on how to join us, shoot me an email to so we can chat!

Chalene Extreme (the program I just announced I'm working through) is going great!

The weight lifting to failure has been a challenge, but a welcomed one. The workouts are also a little longer than I'm used to, but Chalene Johnson (the program creator/trainer) is SO motivating that it seriously flies by!! I appreciate how much she takes the time to talk you through each exercise & educates you on what you're doing each day.

I can't wait to see what kind of progress I make at the end of the first 30 days.
Stay tuned..

Friday morning was the kick off for the #ToddTheKnot wedding festivities. I completely unplugged for about 2 days to soak up family time & it was WONDERFUL!!

Over the course of Friday & Saturday, we had a bridal brunch, the rehearsal, dinner, a girls sleep over, a morning of family DIY set up, the ceremony, the reception & a family dinner afterwards.

Leigh Ann was such a beautiful bride.
The wedding was special.
And we are so blessed to welcome Travis into our family.
Our hearts are full!

So here's to week 27..
I can't believe we're almost done with trimester TWO.

Almost to the home stretch, baby girl.
Until next week!!!