Growing Ghoens: Week 27 Bump Date

Trimester three is so close I can almost taste it..  But for now, we're wrapping up week 27!

I probably say this every week, but I feel like I'm looking more and more pregnant by the day. Maybe that's just how it's going to be at this point. Growth EVERY week.

It's funny too how I wake up in the morning with this "little" belly, like the one you see above, then go to bed with one that seems MUCH bigger! HA!

So what did we do this week?

Well, we tried out some new meal-plan approved recipes! A veggie, pasta, turkey sausage mix + some tasty banana bread muffins (recipe HERE)!

And we got creative making a stir-fry from a leftover veggie tray we made for Leigh Ann's wedding weekend. Let's just say not much goes to waste in this house :)

OH!! And the "diaper bag" we picked out came in finally from Fawn Design.

These back packs have been out of stock for a while, so when they were added back to the website a couple weeks ago, I was sure to snag mine up QUICK. Your daddy approves of both the style & the color.. he even asked to try it on when he got home that day. I love how proud he is already!

I'll snap a few photos to share soon with y'all of the bag & maybe even give a quick review once I use it!!

I LOVE that it doesn't give off the traditional diaper tote, mom "vibe." This is totally a bag I'd carry around anytime.. I might not even wait until the baby comes in June to give it a test spin!

A little later in the week, your Rock-N-Play arrived from some sweet family friends. Your dad & I put it together & let your sisters check/sniff it out.

Hard to believe that you'll be sleeping in this next to our bed pretty soon!! I hope you like it, baby bear. I've heard great things about how helpful this is positioning babies who have reflux or are colicky.. not to mention the peace of mind from having you on your back, but slightly elevated. We'll see how it goes!

We got another great week of workouts in too!

Chalene Extreme is such an awesome program. I can modify the weights & movements as needed to keep you safe, while strengthening my body for labor!

While this was technically the second week doing the workouts, I decided to consider it a full week one because of the wedding week madness last week (we missed two days & had a few cupcakes!!)

So far we're using 5, 10, 15 & occasionally 20 pound weights.
3 of the 5 days each week are solid lifting, while the other 2 days incorporate cardio, muscular endurance & some yoga/flexibility training!

I absolutely LOVE it!!

After a long week of working & working out, I spent my Friday night nursing what seemed to be a cold that carried into Saturday. We looked up lots of natural remedies that we've been trying in addition to diffusing some safe essential oils, taking extra vitamin C & drinking lots of water. Would you believe one of the things we tried was ingested two cloves of raw garlic? It actually helped some!! I'll do whatever I have to do to get better, but mommy is trying to avoid medicine as much as possible for now! Since what I ingest, I share with you..

Saturday morning your daddy asked me on a breakfast date to one of our FAVE spots to try & cheer me up.

Although I couldn't taste much because of this cold, I still ordered my favorite: Huevos con Chorizo (mexican eggs). And your dad got his normal: the everything.

He asked me while we were sitting at the table how we would have you set up with us for breakfast when you arrive. I told him that I would either wear you to breakfast or we're prop you up beside us in your carseat. SO surreal to think & talk about. We can't wait to take you with us on our breakfast dates, little one.

You'll love the Donut Hole!

And how precious is your daddy here, by the way?!

Okay sweet pumpkin!! Mama is keeping it short today. This week is already FLYING by & I'm making lots of mental notes for our next update.

We love you to the moon.
Stay cozy in there!!

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