Growing Ghoens: Week 25 Bump Date

Oh sweet girl, we just wrapped up week 25.. my heart bursts with joy thinking about how big you're getting & that in just a few months, we'll be holding you tight.

Here's what we did together this week.

Monday, our sweet friend Hollen welcomed baby Ezra into the world. So we whipped up a pan of lasagna & took it over on Wednesday night to hug momma & baby. What joy new life brings!!

I chuckled each day as I added to my magazine stack. Normally I just get my shape magazines. Now, we get lots of family & maternity magazines. Times are changing already around here & I love it!!

I finally went to get my hair done after almost 7+ months of neglect.. Oops. I couldn't wait any more because your Aunt Lou is getting married in a WEEK!!! Your momma & aunties are bridesmaids & your cousin Finley is a flower girl. If you were here, you'd be in it too, pumpkin!

At the end of the week, we took your oldest sister, Moose-girl, to the vet for all of her shots. Hoisting her up in the car is an interesting task with a belly our size now. I mean, I've got a cauliflower baby in my tummy now :)

Otherwise, we wrapped up another round of 21 Day Fix Extreme workouts & finally decided on our next strengthening program.. announcement coming soon!

We partnered with another dear friend & momma who join our #GracefullyBalanced coach family.
Welcome, Lauren!

We wrapped up our bible study in Judges. And are gearing up for 1 Samuel.

We helped minister to Hollen & her family as they've gone through some very hard times since the baby was born at the beginning of the week.
(Please pray for them, y'all!)

And we started planning what will probably be your dad & I's last little get away together as a family of two in April.


 Okay, I'm keeping this post short.. so this is all for now!

More to come later this week on mama bear's new program that is going to usher us into trimester 3!!

I love you to the moon, baby girl.

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