Growing Ghoens: Week 35 Bump Date

35 Weeks of #GrowingGhoens & apparently you're the size of the cutest coconut ever right about now!

You're getting so big, sweet girl.
I bet your "house" feels teeny right about now.

Your movements in mommy's belly are starting to feel different.
It's less of a wiggle & more of BIG movements where I can actually feel your little arms, legs, hands & feet.

We LOVE laying down at night to watch you move. I can't wait to see you squirm like this when you come out & know that is what you were doing all of these months in my tummy.

This week, your dad & I took a quick trip to NOLA for our final get away as a two-some before you come join our party. We walked around hand in hand around the city, explored some new sights & ate lots of good food!! I'll be sure to blog about that trip & where we went SOON! (stay tuned!)

Goodness though - the heartburn struggle is REAL with food! And I definitely paid for all of the treats we had those two days we were away. I think because of how high up you are & how things have shifted around that the most random stuff causes heart burn & reflux.. which basically means that your mommy feels like a fire breathing dragon on the daily. Haha.

When we got home, I started trying to detox right away. So we meal prepped some healthy options! And I kicked my sweet tooth with apple, peanut butter & granola + some extra chocolate shakeology!

After we got home, mama got to go meet up with one of her accountability partners who has helped make sure I've stayed on track with my workouts during pregnancy. It was the very FIRST time we had ever met in person, after almost a whole year of our online fitness groups!!! I'm so grateful for the friendships I've formed within these groups!!

Megan, I am SO glad I got to squeeze your neck FINALLY!!

Speaking of fitnassss.

Your mama bear finished another block of her workouts (the PUSH series) over the weekend & started another this week (called the LEAN series). It's actually the FINAL 30 day block of this 90 day program called Chalene Extreme.

So for the next month, that's week 35 thru 38 of pregnancy, we'll be knocking out more weightlifting - the upper & lower body at the same time! We're having to modify a lot since these require stability/core work, but it's getting done!! And I'm so proud of us for NOT letting up!

I seriously can't imagine how much harder pregnancy would be mentally & physically if we weren't taking care of ourself!

Ladies out there who are expecting little ones OR are trying to conceive a baby - don't you dare let up. Keep on with what you're doing!! Listen to your body & do your best!

Time is ticking away.
So it's work work work all day & rest rest rest all night (feet UP at 9pm!! HA).

Some of the baby prep I did this week included shopping for maternity photo dresses + working on gifts for the nurses & midwife that are going to help deliver you in a few weeks.

Your daddy has been working on picking a stain for your nursery shelves.. oh, and reading to you from Genesis at night while mommy rests. You guys even jam out to music sometimes at night in bed together! It's pretty darn cute to listen to him sing to you while you dance around.

Okay, sugar.
That's all for now.

Mama loves you to the moon & back.
See you soon!

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