Post Partum Panty Popsicles: Why & How

Have a list of items in your mind you'd never imagine putting on your kitchen counter?!

Well, unwrapped maxi pads were on my mental no-no list.. until recently!

In the midst of this pregnancy prep, I've heard people RAVE about whipping up some soothing pads for post partum life.

So I looked on pinterest at some popular combinations, based on comfort, & narrowed down my list to take the plunge.

Then, one Friday afternoon, I turned on Netflix & knocked out 30 of these bad boys! NOW, I've got something in my deep freezer that I never would have imagined.. PREPPED MAXI PADS!

Okay so what do these P.P.P.P (post-partum panty popsicles) consist of?


HEAVY flow//extra long {overnight} maxi pads with wings
Aloe vera
Witch hazel
Lavender essential oils

And y'all, they're actually way more simple to make than I realized!

Here's why I chose each ingredient.

Witch hazel offers several benefits, including relief for hemorrhoids, relief from postnatal swelling, cooling power & is an herbal remedy.

Aloe vera is known to have healing, anti-inflammation, analgesic, anti-bacteria, anti-itching, moisturizing (& more!) properties.

Lavender essential oils are said to be very soothing, help reduce inflammation, heal infection, aid in calming & even reduce pain.

Of course anything COLD will be soothing, but will also help with perineal swelling. So keep these guys FROZEN once they're done.

Curious how I made them?


(1) I cleaned the area I was going to be prepping these in.

(2) I set everything up like an assembly line and only made 5-6 at a time to keep it manageable/sanitary.

(3) I applied aloe vera from front to back of the maxi pad.

(4) I then squirted roughly a tablespoon, maybe more, of witch hazel into the entire middle portion of the pad.

(5) Finally, I applied 2-3 drops of lavender essential oils.

(6) Once each of the ingredients were applied, I used a spoon to spread the aloe evenly. *Keep the spoon in a CLEAN place between uses!!*

(7) I then closed the wings, returned the adhesive protectors over the wings, folded them up in the original wrapper & placed them carefully in a ziplock bag for the freezer.


And now I have them ready to pull out & tuck in my britches as needed.

Some gals on various blogs said they only used them the first week or two a couple times a day; while others said they used them MUCH more frequently (probably around 60-70 total).

I decided this set of 30 would be my first batch & that I would whip up more if needed later, so as not to waste anything.

I'll be sure to post a review of how helpful these were after the baby arrives in a couple of weeks (I'm currently 37.5 weeks pregnant) & I get to put these to the test!

Wish me luck!!

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