Growing Ghoens: Week 34 Bump Date

34 weeks of growing this precious little human..

238 days of being baby girl's mama..

5,712 hours of anticipating her arrival..

Can you tell we're excited + counting down!?

Baby G :

Even your sisters are CLEARLY ready to snuggle up with you. Tannyn, your spotted puppy, may not understand that you're hiding under this big ole belly of mine, but she sure does love to cuddle it!!

Momma loves having you as her workout buddy, but how big you're getting is making things a little more challenging. I sure am learning to modify movements each week!! You know what's really cool though? Our midwife totally supports what we're doing & she encouraged me this week at our appointment to keep going!! She believes in the female body.. so do I!

This weekend we finished another 30 day block of Chalene Extreme - that's 8 weeks straight of our strength training program. We've gotten it done by streaming our workouts using Beachbody On Demand from home or on the go.. no excuses! These tools, they work. Not just for our body, but for our lifestyle. I believed it before, but now more than EVER I believe they can truly help ANYONE who wants & needs it!!

Want to know more about how to get started with me?

Food is still the same.. breakfast foods (often twice a day), watermelon, mexican food. But RANDOM things will give me heart burn. This week, yogurt was causing flare ups! But I couldn't kick the itch. I had my yogurt bowls & even had our treat meal on Friday night, which was LOADED frozen yogurt. I realize now that I can't really handle all that sugar. But it was still a fun date night in with your daddy!

You know what my new obsession//craving is?

Coconut milk macchiatos from Starbucks!! But I'm keeping them to a minimum right now to avoid too much caffeine + sugar. They're still a great pick me up though on the days I'm zapped from not sleeping at night.

See this sign in your nursery?

We've been brainstorming & designing it for several weeks now with a local small business called Cottonwood Company. Now it's here & we LOVE it!! This verse we chose has given us so much confidence & comfort as you've been growing, sweet girl.

Jeremiah 1:5
"Before I formed you in the womb I knew you. Before you were born I set you apart."

We love you more than we can explain, sugar. But regardless of how much we love you, your Creator & heavenly Father loves you even more. We can't wait to teach you all about Him & watch you come to know Him!

Our highlight of the week?

Well, you & I got all dressed up for our very first ball with my prince charming, your papa bear. It was the 49th Annual EOD Memorial Ball to honor the men in the community who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

Your Aunt Lauren actually works for the foundation that hosts this event, the EOD Warrior Foundation, so we got to visit with her & your Uncle Jason a little while we were there. My feet couldn't handle busting any moves on the dance floor after hours in heels, but you certainly were dancing it up in my belly all night!

It was such a special evening we got to be a part of.

What else what else..

Here are a few more #GrowingGhoens weekly facts!

- We've gained 23.5 pounds so far
- My hips are LOOSENING up big time
- Our midwife confirmed you're still head down (and facing back)
- We scheduled maternity photos
- We're planning a last minute baby moon to NOLA next week
- We still haven't picked out your name.. and I kind of love the anticipation
- We placed our last baby order
- Hospital bags are starting to be packed
- We mostly only fit comfortably into dresses now
- You're favorite hang out spot is under my ribs
- Daddy (& mommy ofcourse) is reading to you & praying over you often since you HEAR so much now
- You have absolutely no sleep pattern. You're UP whenever you feel like it!
- You're a CHAMP with my workouts & stretches
- You love when I rub my belly with lotion

That about sums things up!!

Girlfriend, we're just passing time & getting things done while we wait for you! Your dad & I are both full blown nesting now. Between pressure washing, organizing cabinets, cleaning blinds & wiping down walls.. we're keeping busy busy out here!!

While we're having a blast spending time together & dreaming of life when you arrive, but we're to the point now where we just want to hold you. To take you along on our little adventures. And do the day to day with our baby girl.

Just a little more over a month before you're in our arms!!
I hope you're as excited to meet us as we are to meet you.
Don't be too comfy in there.

Just a few more weeks!!

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