What are you PAID for?

I'm going to go there.

What are you paid for?

Hopefully you're paid for your expertise & education, working in the field you intended to use it in, right?

Or maybe you're paid for a job because you were considered capable of filling a position, but it's not necessarily your field of interest or 'expertise.'

That's normal. Makes sense. If you're going *mental hand up* than you're the majority.. 

But what if you were paid for being unapologetically you - for the various things that make you YOU?

For employing your natural strengths. AND for utilizing the knowledge you've worked hard to acquire. For the time you spent pursuing certain interests a couple of years ago. Or for some talents you have but rarely use.

Maybe you've studied nutrition, but didn't do anything with it.
Maybe you're a strong, natural leader but your job doesn't allow you to fill a leadership role.
Maybe you are an excellent encourager.. But seriously, what does that have to do with anything?
Possibly you blog but it's never been more than a hobby.
Or by chance you dabble in photography... Or another creative outlet, but don't know how to turn it into a successful venture.
Once upon a time you instructed spin classes - or you always wanted to, but what's the point when you're in graphic design or zoology?
Maybe you have the gift of influence, but don't know how you want to make a difference in a way that you can be proud of yet.

What if all those things you could use in some way - and you got paid for it?

For harnessing those gifts, traits & skills and using them in your own business?

Yep - getting paid to be uniquely, diversely you.

I do.

And so can you.

I had no clue that I ::

Am slightly creative.
Or enjoyed writing.
Or craved leadership.
And truly enjoy encouraging.
And wanted to push myself in daily personal growth.
That I could sense a faith filled purpose in encouraging fitness, nutrition & wellness.
Would discover & pursue my interests in business.
Pull out some of those years of studying psychology while I help people in a NEW way.
That those years of even being a captain on my sport teams would teach me a thing or two about how to coach someone through a program.
That being an independent military wife would somehow equip me to venture into starting a business solo.

You're picking up what I'm putting down, right?

I'm uncovering things about myself I didn't know, dusting off old traits & developing new talents... And they're making me a better woman. But they're also benefitting my business.

I underestimated that was possible with coaching initially. But that's a beauty of entrepreneurship.

So - what could you be paid for? What could you be using, but aren't?

Be you. Thrive. Make a difference.

Pay it forward.

Want to know more? Keep an eye out today or tomorrow for an invite on my HERE.

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