Pomegranate "How To": The Bowl & Water Technique

Pomegranates are DELICIOUS & EXTREMELY healthy, packed full of dietary fibers, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals!

However, this super food isn't consumed as much as it should be & is often overlooked because of the prep work involved. It used to take me about 15+ minutes to break down ONE pomegranate- until my aunt taught me her "bowl and water technique" when I visited family for Christmas.

1) Remove the crown.

2) Score the skin, using the segments as a guide, from top to bottom. No need to cut all of the way through the fruit! 

3) Then, remove the center piece, connected to the stem, &  pry apart sections.


4) Break the seeds (arils) from the skins and membranes- the seeds will sink to the bottom, while the other pieces float to the top... keep the fruit submerged under water during this step to keep from the STAINING juices from going everywhere!

5) Bask in your sweet victory!

6) Strain and rise the arils (seeds). 

7) Pat dry with paper towel and store in the  fridge!

Time for some FACTOIDS::

-pomegranates can limit UV damage, help prevent arthritis and keep LDL, or bad cholesterol, from accumulating in arteries.

- too much fruit? the pomegranate arils can be frozen for up to three months. {{spread arils in a single layer on a parchment-lined baking sheet, and leave them in the freezer, uncovered, for about 2 hours. Then, transfer them to an airtight container or Ziploc baggie.

- no rush! ...Pomegranates do not continue to develop sugars after they’re harvested, so, once picked, they remain ripe. Keep them in your refrigerator and they are good to go for up to two months.

Check out this webpage for information on how the health benefits of pomegranates!

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