Chunky Monkey Chocolate Cookies (21 Day Fix APPROVED)

Holy DECADENT -- okay maybe that's the 21 day fix sugar ITCH talking, but these cookies are TASTY! I snagged the recipe from one of the coaches on my Beachbody team & whipped them up right away. Modify to make them unique to you or try them as is. Let me know what you think!! And good luck only eating one or two..

2 scoops chocolate Shakeology
1 Banana
1/4 c Oats
1.4 c Chia/Flax/Coconut Seed (blend)
1 tbsp. Peanut Butter
1.4 c Dark Chocolate Chips

Mix until THICK batter is blended together. Drop on baking sheet and cook 7-10 minutes at 350 degrees. You're welcome! 

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