Greek Yogurt All Day

Believe it or not, it took me foEVAH to hop on the greek yogurt train.

1) I'm a HUGE texture person.. so this "gunky" stuff seemed gross.
2) I heard the it was really sour & that seemed odd to me being that I get my sour fix from Sour Patch Kids.
3) I'm the type of personal that refuses to do something just because it seems popular. I thought greek yogurt was some pinteresty fad that people would get over soon enough..

 Chobani is LAUGHING hysterically at their success as I type.

1) Greek yogurt is now a protein STAPLE in our house. If you go with Chobani, as opposed to many off brands, you can get the original flavor with very little sugar added and as much as 16+ grams of protein in each serving!!
2) There are SO many ways to down play the sour/tart factor. Original greek yogurt is super tasty with honey, stevia or agave! 
3) Greek yogurt is WAY more dynamic than traditional yogurt.

Point #3 brings me to the reason for my post today. Greek yogurt can be used ALL.DAY.LONG. Seriously let me just show you.


My favorite ways to have greek yogurt with my breakfast is to make a bowl with crunchy granola and cold fruit OR with hot steel cut oats and warm cinnamon apples (can you say fall, y'all!?).

Baking Substitute:

-> for butter or oil!

Check out the recipe for Blueberry Yogurt Muffins HERE ,where I substituted half of the butter the recipe called for and ALL the oil with plain greek yogurt!


Use greek yogurt in place of mayo -> I love making tuna salad with a dollop of yogurt, hard boiled egg, diced apple and a little pickle then serving it with a toasted pita or tortilla. {YUM} It's quick, simple, delicious, healthy AND 21 day fix approved!

I also use greek yogurt in my famous chicken salad that has lemon juice, tarragon, diced grapes, celery and occasionally red onion! You're welcome :)


Swap our your sour cream and top your tacos, salad and burritos with yogurt!! It was such a mental road block for me initially, but I can now EASILY swap out sour cream in just about any dish, dressing or DIP with chobani. I hope that just blew your mind a bit. Think about that for a second. Greek yogurt ranch dressing. Greek yogurt in your mexican layered dip. Greek yogurt mashed potatoes. The list goes on! Now I'm drooling..

Snack or Dessert:

During a strict meal plan, this stuff is like CRACK, but I promise you'll love this concoction any time! Mix up some peanut butter (or PB2) with honey, greek yogurt and cinnamon for a DECADENT fruit dip that you can make in bulk to keep in your fridge!

I might not have told you anything that you haven't heard before, but maybe I reminded you to actually use it more! If you have any other suggestions for me, please share them below! We're always looking for ways to make our snacks and meals healthier.

Happy Wednesday, friends!!

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