Tiny Kitchen Diaries: Food Prep Sneak Peek

So my hubby and I have been in a mega state of transition the past couple of months. Let me paint a picture for you::

He came home from a 7 month deployment
We renovated for a week straight (after spending only one day together)
Listed our home for sale- under contract in 3 days.
Traveled for about 2.5 weeks+ to see family
House contract fell through
Hubby left for another month on the day our AC broke (womp womp- typical murphy's law)
I showed house alone (with two giant pups) for 3 weeks before getting another contract on it
Hubby came home and we packed/moved out in a week

whirlwind..--> PHEW. glad that's over!
welllllll almost.

We then moved into a hotel room where we are currently residing for 27 days, while my hubby completes a month long, strenuous & extremely time consuming work process; however, it's over next Wednesday and we get to FINALLY move to the sunshine state.

We have been waiting 6 years for the chance to be closer to my family, soak up some beach rays and just relax down south for a few years of deployment-free bliss!

Reminding myself of ^^^ makes this temporary madness all worth it. Plus, I know that one day, these will be stories we share with laughter and maybe a fond memory or two. Oh and honey, there's no one I would rather be doing this all with {insert smoochey face here}.

In the mean time, it's mega entertaining for people to partake in our shenanigans. SO, today I bring you a food prepping sneak peek from my teenie weenie kitchen.

Here's what I've decided is totally doable with two baby burners, one microwave, a couple of super sticky pans & one whacked out spatula!

Shakeology /or/ coconut greek yogurt + granola

Shakeology /or/ plain greek yogurt tuna salad with sliced peppers /or/ pre-assembled green salads

Quinoa // Turkey Sausages // Chicken Burgers // Sweet Potatoes // sautéed kale // zucchini + onion stir-fry // steamed broccoli 

cubed pineapple /or/ hard boiled eggs /or/ sliced peppers

Not too shabby, right?

I also snagged strawberries, nectarines, cheese sticks, unsweetened almond milk, fig newtons, KIND bars, granola, pop chips, wheat thins & frozen yogurt + chocolate covered pretzels.

All things considered, we have pretty darn healthy choices for a whole week with a few tasty treats thrown in the mix. And this whole order took me about an hour (had to wash pans in between uses!).

Btw, I spent like $7 on baggies + minimal tupperware to use for our month here. 

I hope this inspires you to stay health & grounded in your routine while you're on the go. Hotel living isn't always easy and it's certainly not the most convenient. BUT -> It's totally possible if your goals are important to you!

Need more tips? I'd love to chat!

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Let me share with you the food guide that rocked my nutritional world.

If you've never heard of shakeology before & want to know why I love to drink it every.single.day for breakfast or lunch, check out my experience HERE

For all you beachbody lovers out there:: yes, everything prepped above is 21 Day Fix approved! 

Can't believe I cooked in this kitchen for the last time. Time for a mini glass of wine to celebrate :)


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