Love Your WHOLE Self, Cellulite & All

Yeah, it's a whole lotta not fun exposing parts of yourself that you battle insecurity with.

But it's not fair to just post certain shots or my "after photos" leading you to believe that my body, self esteem & journey is all rainbows + butterflies.

The truth is, social media makes it easy to share the highlights. That doesn't mean I don't want to keep it real, but also want to be sure that I'm keeping my ‪#‎GracefullyBalanced‬ presence inspiring and uplifting, focused on positivity and solution.

However, it's probably good every now and again to humble myself a bit and remind y'all that I'm not a picture of fitness perfection.. I'm just a girl, dedicated to wellness, in the pursuit of being graceFULLy balanced. Learning to love myself.. ALL of me.

So.. This picture of my tushie.. {And you better be grateful I didn't go with a full rear shot} is real. This is STILL what healthy looks like! I could be forever dedicated to working out + healthy eating and STILL have cellulite. ‪#‎sorryitstrue‬ ..
But that doesn't mean I'm not working hard. It doesn't mean I'm not making progress. It's just part of who I am!

So YOU.. You over there doing a billion squats, counting calories religiously & stressing over imperfections.

LOVE YOURSELF.. Flaws and all. Because they don't define you. They're just a tiny piece of the puzzle that makes you who you are.

So whether it's cellulite, a pear shape bod, etc.. Love it all.

Simply so your BEST every day to seek balance + care for your mind, body & spirit.

Share the LOVE!

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