November 2016 Fit Club

Holidays are coming.
Family gatherings.
Pumpkin everything.
Travel galore.
Company in town.
Edible temptation.
Work is nuts.
Kids have projects due.
The list goes on.

You know what happens when us women get busy?
- We usually put ourselves on the back burner -

You know what happens when our routine gets disrupted?
- We abandon daily activities because the thought of adjusting is too much -

You know what happens when we're stressed or overwhelmed?
- We turn to food or wine & forget about balance -

Ever feel that way this time of year?
I know I have.
And I bet you have too.

This is the time of year that people can gain an extra 3-5 pounds {sometimes more}.. and that's on TOP of whatever happened earlier in the year. YIKES.

What IF..... What if this year you didn't gain weight?
What if you gained self confidence, control, empowerment, strength & community instead?

You CAN exercise 5 days a week, drink superfoods & eat healthy as we approach the holidays despite all the excuses.

The question is.. WILL you?

Starting November 7, I'm launching my November Fit Club for women only who are looking to do just this & are willing to:

Pick a program that fits your goals & schedule.
Follow a meal plan you can customize that isn't confusing.
Drink superfoods of your flavor choice to help your gut health.
Log daily activity & stay accountable for 3 weeks.

If you're willing to do what others won't, you WILL accomplish what others can't.

But it starts with a d e c i s i o n every single morning to give your all. And three weeks later, you'll wake up realizing you just created habits to last you the season + beyond!

Want to learn more about how to join my fit club?

Email me at

Must RSVP/JOIN by October 31st!

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