Beauty from Ashes

Can I encourage you today? Or maybe blow your mind a little?

My God.. He's a good God.

He brings what was dead to LIFE.

He extends HOPE to that which was lost.

He FORGIVES those condemned.

He turns sorrow to JOY.

He creates beauty from ASHES.

He turns our mess into a MESSAGE.

He turns our pain into PURPOSE.

He allows our tests of life to be a TESTIMONY.

Rejoice, my friends <3 span=""> 

Our little Ghoens family has been working through some trials, testing & hurts the past couple of months. While it's been an incredibly hard season of life, it's been a time in life that I've felt so incredibly close to the Lord.

Those days I feel alone or broken, it's like He continually pulls me into His lap of comfort & whispers His promises to me.

You see.
Even though we feel alone sometimes..
It's because we aren't looking to acknowledge His presence - we only look to place blame or focus on what we cannot understand.

He never left us. He never stopped caring. He wrote our story so long ago. Our "shocking" life moments don't surprise Him. He's equipped perfectly to love, guide & teach us though it -- if we ACCEPT it.

One day, probably soon, I'll share publicly about this journey. Although I'm AMAZED at how God is already working to allow me to minister to other women & families by laying it on THEIR hearts to reach out.

In the mean time, dears - take some time to recognize His incredible attributes & what they could mean for your life.

I am a child of the King.. a King who is a good GOOD Father!

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