October Challenge: The Busy Girls Solution to Fitness, Nutrition, Fun & Community

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If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

And those four things WORK.. every.single.time.

But unfortunately, we complicate a balanced lifestyle & physical results by looking for quick fixes.

Not in my Gracefully Balanced challenges.

You see.. I've been there. Done that. Got the t-shirt.
But in time, I became FED UP. And finally found my way when I stuck to the basics.

Because of my experience, I take the opportunity each month to create an online environment for women to do the same.

I host accountability groups for community & support.
I pair busy girls with streamlined fitness//nutrition plans.
And I provide them access to an app that tracks it all.

My only requirement?
Use the tools that work.
Show UP daily.
Be stronger than your excuses.
Then encourage someone else once you reach your goals.

..because you WILL reach them.

I'm enrolling ladies now for my October "challenge" & am accepting applications thru this week.

Sick and tired of feeling sick or tired?
Over feeling like your STUCK or settling for less than your best?

Time to join the #GracefullyBalanced community.

This month, you can join us for less than the cost of a daily starbucks & one month of a gym membership & get:

21 days of support
30 servings of superfoods
1 full fitness program
1 corresponding program calendar
1 customizable meal plan
30 days of access into an online fitness library
1:1 coaching from me
1 live video Q&A chat with the group

If you knew you could find your rhythm, tackle your goals & feel GOOD about yourself again.. could you afford not to join us?

Email me at lindseykollar@yahoo.com to chat more!!
Don't wait to reach out, I'm only coaching 5 new women in October.

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