Club W: Month One Review

Last month, we became Club W members.

I had seen people in the past post about websites that they could become members of to select unique wines from or even have bottles based on their tastes delivered to them directly, but never took the steps to look into it further.

But one random Friday night about a month ago, Nate saw an ad on Facebook & we finally pulled the trigger.

We filled out a flavor profile.
Checked out the recommended options.
Made our selections.
Put in our information.
Got a new members discount.
And ordered our first box of 4 bottles for $36 after the newbie discount!


So now each month, they'll send us new selections to choose from. We can select as many as we want {free shipping on 4+ bottles} or you can opt out.

Also, as you refer friends, you can potentially earn credit. Icing on the wine cake!

Check out what was in our month one box.

{from left to right}

And YES, those bottle came with cards describing the flavor profile of each + pair recommendations.. AND a recipe to whip up with each on!

How COOL is that!? Seriously, you've gotta at least give it a go for a month or so..

To try Club W with a little discount from us, click HERE.

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