Digging that Girl in the Mirror

I might not always feel like I'm moving forward physically when I look at the numbers of my body, but I remind myself (1) how far I've come (2) that I'm in this journey for the long haul.

I remember two years ago, absolutely DREADING trying on clothes.

The discouraging feeling of standing in fluorescent lights and mirrors on all sides.

When nothing fit.

But moreso..

When I felt ashamed of letting myself go, but just didn't know how to start back at taking care of myself & actually stick with it.

A lot has changed since then.

I'm not running a race or striving for perfection.

I still slip up with my routine, miss workouts here and there + love cheeseburgers.

But I've learned to give myself grace & continue to simply give my daily best.

And that's meant the world.. For my mind & body.

I'm not necessarily where I want to be. But I'm proud of where I am.

I'm a strong, healthy woman on a continual mission to love myself & care for my temple.

That's what I see in the mirror now. And I dig it👌

Celebrate your progress, honor your pace & NEVER give up!!

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